New Estate Cars

Why should I buy an estate car?

  • practical, yet good looking family car
  • load-space for your business
  • plenty of room for a pram, even a double pram
  • great for carrying sports gear, golf clubs etc
  • latest stand-alone designs look great

Estate cars have had a hard time of late, with their practicality overlooked by buyers whose heads have been turned by the current craze for SUV vehicles.

Our advice would be take a look at the new estate cars Swansway has to offer; the days of an estate car being more or less a saloon with a box stuck on the back are long gone and todays estate cars are designed to look as good as any other body-style, whilst offering fabulous family practicality.

If you’ve not seen an estate car recently, then you’re in for a treat, with the latest models designed in their own right and not derivations of their saloon or hatchback siblings. Modern estate cars are not only wonderfully practical for families and businesses, but now they’re also great to look at, combining their sleek, extended bodies, with load-spaces which swallow kiddie paraphernalia, luggage or business files with absolute ease.

There’s a wide choice of new estate cars to choose from; the Audi Avant series, the sleek and sexy Jaguar XF Sportbrake, the smaller, yet superb Peugeot 308 SW, the sought after Volkswagen Golf Estate, Swansway has all these estate cars and more.

To see which new estate car is the right one for your lifestyle, why not take a test drive?