There's a Wide Range of Peugeot Cars available from Motability

From the mini-sized 208, to the stunning Peugeot 3008 SUV there’s a Motability Peugeot for you and our specialists are on hand to help you find it.

Peugeot Cars available on the Motability Scheme:

The Motability Scheme offers exceptional worry-free motoring with car tax, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside recovery all included. With this comes real freedom; freedom to go where you like and freedom from transport worries.

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Brand New Peugeot 3008 and e-3008

Peugeot have added the brand new 3008 and e-3008 to the Motability scheme for 2024! The latest PEUGEOT 3008 is a perfect match for Motability customers looking for a comfortable, practical, and luxurious vehicle.

The elegant design not only combines the space and utility of an SUV with the sleek looks of a coupe but also ensures a smooth, quiet drive whether you choose the traditional powertrain or the full electric option. With an impressive range of 326 miles, the electric option provides endless possibilities for travel. The 3008 doesn't compromise on space, offering a spacious rear row that comfortably accommodates three adults. From the front to the back, the vehicle is designed with comfort in mind, boasting ample headroom and legroom to ensure all passengers have a comfortable journey. What's more, the generous 520-litre boot with its large opening and flat load space makes managing luggage, shopping, or mobility aids a breeze. With such functional and luxurious features, the PEUGEOT 3008 undoubtedly offers a superior driving experience for Motability customers.

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Peugeot e-3008

Peugeot 208 and e-208

The all-new Peugeot 208 is a city car which embodies youthfulness and a distinctive sporty style.

Featuring the new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®*. Experience perceptive driving with the compact multifunction steering wheel, the 3D head-up display and the large 10" HD* colour touchscreen. You can also personalise your interior environment with a choice of 8 RGB LED colours.

The fully electric e-208 can cover a range of up to 211 miles and can charge as quickly as just 30 minutes (to 80% battery charge).

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Peugeot 2008 SUV and e-2008 SUV

This new SUV is not only compact, but it’s a cool ride too! Whatsmore, there is now an electric 2008 SUV to choose.

Although it’s an SUV it feels car-like, with the benefit of the much desired elevated driving position. Sporty, yet spacious; elegant, yet energetic the 2008 offers all-round performance, economy and entertainment, all in one stylish package.

You’ll be spoilt for choice on the 2008 SUV on the Motability scheme, with 8 variations to choose from; from a 1.2 litre petrol engine model through to a 1.5 litre diesel. Starting from £0 Advance Payment you’ll soon find a model that’s perfect for your needs

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Orange and Blue Peugeot 2008 exterior of front and rear parked
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Peugeot 408

The brand-new Peugeot 408 is now available on the Motability Scheme. If you are looking for a technology filled, comfortable interior the 408 ticks all the boxes. Its cabin features the i-Cockpit digital instrument cluster along with an abundance of driver assistance systems. Visibility is also fantastic due to the cars higher driving position and the spacious 536-litre boot adds a great element of practicality.

There are lots of options within the 408 range available on the scheme including plug-in hybrid options.

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Peugeot 3008 SUV

One glance at the new 3008 SUV and you know it means business; its design oozes power and strength and it delivers the same when you’re behind the wheel.

Whatever you’re expecting from 3008 it delivers that and much more, with an 8-inch touchscreen and 12.3-inch head-up digital display. The 3008 is a special car, the best way to appreciate it, is to hop behind the wheel for test drive. You’ll be impressed.

Peugeot Motability are really making it difficult for to choose, offering six variants, with a whole host of engines, trim levels and transmissions available.

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peugeot e traveller charging

Peugeot e-Traveller

Discover a family car equipped with a 100% electric motor offering up to 148 miles of range.

The fuel consumption or electric range achieved, and CO2 produced (where applicable), in real world conditions will depend upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: the accessories fitted (pre and post registration); the starting charge of the battery; variations in weather; driving styles and vehicle load. The e-Traveller is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is used to measure fuel consumption, electric range and CO2 figures. Figures shown are for comparison purposes and should only be compared to the fuel consumption, electric range and CO2 values of other cars tested to the same technical standard.

 New to the Motability scheme this modern yet practical car can accomodate up between 4-9 people.

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Peugeot 5008 SUV

​Bearing the same name and outstanding 7-seat practicality of its predecessor, the 5008 has been redesigned from the ground up! New PEUGEOT 5008 makes an instant impact with a sharp exterior design. Details including LED daytime running lights, chrome accents and stylish alloy wheels feature at all levels on this stylish SUV.​

A spacious boot and fold down seats deliver a new perspective on the storage volume. Each seat can be adjusted to provide further configuration flexibility while the rear doors are noticeably longer than those of the 3008, which means easier access.

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front view of peugeot 5008 parked by a beach



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