Blue PEUGEOT 408

PEUGEOT 408 on Motability

The PEUGEOT 408 is currently available on the Motability scheme!

Why choose the PEUGEOT 408 on Motability?

The PEUGEOT 408 is a fantastic choice for those looking for their next car on the Motability scheme. The car is spacious whilst still being classed as a compact fastback. Both of the two engine options offered are very efficient, saving money on fuel costs whilst motoring. Connectivity and technology are also two important aspects in the creation of the 408, there is a wireless phone charger fitted, four USB ports and the ability to connect two smartphones simultaneously. The quality of the interior of the 408 is also very apparent, the comfortable drivers seat has heating and massage capabilities and the heated steering wheel has integrated controls.


Experience the PEUGEOT 408

The PEUGEOT 408 is a modern and stylish car designed with sleek lines and vibrant colors. With its unique design, you can be sure to stand out on the roads. The 408 is equipped with intuitive technology to make your drive enjoyable and safe. Its advanced aerodynamics and bold lines give the car a modern and sporty look that will be sure to turn heads.

It has been designed for comfort and convenience. The interior features soft-touch materials and adjustable seats with plenty of legroom, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride wherever you go. With intuitive technology, you can easily access music, navigation, and other features, while the adjustable driving settings allow you to tailor your drive to your own preferences.

Equipped with powerful yet efficient engines, making it a great choice for performance and economy. With its advanced technology, the 408 can deliver impressive power while also reducing emissions. With its responsive handling, the 408 provides a smooth and enjoyable ride that will make you feel confident on the roads.

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