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SEAT New Car Finance Offers

Our wide selection of SEATs on a range of great deals

Our SEAT new car offers are available across the entire SEAT range, whether you want a small city electric like the Mii or big, burly SUV, like the Ateca SE.

SEAT is one of the most exciting car brands in the world, thanks to the Spanish company’s unique approach to design and aesthetics. SEAT vehicles not only look edgy, but they also come with a host of features. As soon as you sit inside a SEAT, you get the sense that you’ve just stepped into something very different from a run-of-the-mill European car. SEATs have an attitude.

Our SEAT finance offers work like this: first, you put down an initial contribution (a deposit) and then pay a premium every month for the duration of the finance agreement, which covers much of the cost of the car, then an optional final payment if you want to own the vehicle at the end. Importantly, this means that you don’t have to stump up all the money for a new car upfront. All you need is a deposit and the ability to afford to pay the monthly amount for the term of the finance agreement.

Don’t worry; our SEAT car finance offers aren’t complicated. We break it all down for you, showing you how much you’ll spend per month and throughout your plan. We’re completely transparent in our approach. You know precisely what you’re getting.

The majority of our SEAT car finance offers run for 48 months but this can be adapted to suit your requirements. The first month is included in your deposit, and then you pay an agreed monthly fee after that. At the end of the term, you’ll have the opportunity to buy your SEAT outright in an optional final payment. Alternatively, you can return it and apply to take out a new SEAT offer on a brand new car.

Choosing SEAT new car offers like this provides a host of advantages. First, you’re able to get the vehicle that you want for a set monthly fee by signing up for the term of the contract. If you want to make the optional final payment to own the vehicle, that’s entirely up to you. All our SEAT finance offers give you the option to own the car at the end of the agreement.

Another benefit of SEAT new car offers is that you can get the latest SEAT models without having to pay for the vehicle in full upfront. You can get that new car feeling whilst forgetting all about servicing old cars or even buying second hand. With our UK offers, you can spread the cost of finance, regardless of the type of vehicle you need. Our offers cover virtually the entirety of the SEAT range.

Life is always better when you can get the car that you want right now. The days of spending years saving up for your vehicle are over. It’s like a regular subscription, making all your expenses much more manageable, month to month.

During the first few years that you own your new SEAT from us, it is always prudent to give your vehicle an annual service. You can add car servicing to your plan when you purchase your vehicle. Don’t worry: it doesn’t change the rest of the offer. You still get incredible value on your car, whether you choose to add servicing or not.

Our SEAT car finance offers at Swansway in Cheshire cover practically the whole of the SEAT range. You can get finance deals on the new Cupra Ateca, a large, sporty SUV with proven off-road capability. We also offer deals on the Arona, SEAT’s slightly smaller city crossover with some of the latest driving assist technology. You could also choose the SEAT Tarraco, one of the most professional-looking cars in the entire range.

For those who have families to cart around, make sure you check out our offers on the new SEAT Alhambra SE Ecomotive. This value offering is perfect for ferrying children to school and clubs while providing a commanding driving position.

If you’re looking for SEAT offers on something smaller, check out the SEAT Arona FR. This city car is not only compact but also agile and robust, thanks to its excellent drive train and engine.

Our SEAT Ibiza offers are ideal for anyone who wants a small city car; often the perfect choice for those who are new to driving, while still enjoying a vehicle that is fun to drive and has all of the charms of the SEAT brand.

So, if you’re looking for SEAT finance offers, look no further. Please speak to one of our friendly team today to find out more about how they can help you find the right car, and the right offer, for you.

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