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New SEAT Ateca

The Ateca has been a somewhat underground success for SEAT. Boasting reliable Volkswagen Group underpinnings, the Ateca’s sharp looks and impressive value-for-money have seen it fit the bill for many. It’s also got practicality on its side, with clever packaging solutions and a decent boot making it a sure-fire hit with families. Now, Seat has chosen to give it a little added pep via a mid-life refresh, bringing tweaked looks and added technology. Let’s take a look at what it’s got to offer.

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Ateca SUV Interior

Of course, as a refresh the Ateca isn’t radically different inside in terms of layout, so you still get the same spacious interior that was there before. A new cold-weather windscreen heating system has been included now though, which brings an invisible coating to the screen which means it can be defrosted almost immediately. 

There’s still tons of space to be found here, while seats-up boot space rests at a reasonable 510 litres. 

SEAT Ateca Exterior design

Again, the exterior changes on the new Ateca are, like the interior ones, subtle. The front end of the car has been sharpened thanks to the introduction of a new grille and redesigned headlights, while around the back there’s new ‘handwriting’ style badging which we’ve already seen used on the latest Leon.

In truth, the Ateca has never been a bad looking car, so these additions only help to make a good-looking car even better to look at. 


SEAT has given the Ateca’s technology levels a significant boost with the new version. There’s a new infotainment system - available in either 8.25- or 9.2-inch - and it’s been repositioned to make it easier to use. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard on all models too, while a new voice recognition system has been included too. You activate it by saying ‘hola hola’ to it, bringing a nod to the Ateca’s Spanish roots. 


Five petrol engines will be available with the Ateca, ensuring that there are a good variety of powertrains to choose from. There’s a 1.0-litre turbocharged unit to kick off the range, rising through a 1.5-litre unit and finishing with a 2.0-litre version with all-wheel-drive.

Just one diesel is available, though it can be specified in one of two states of tune. It’s also available with either a six-speed manual or DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox, too.

Choose your ideal SEAT Ateca model and specification: ​

The new SEAT Ateca comes in seven trim levels, all of which address different sections of the market. Take a look below to explore the features of each in turn.


Though SE marks the entry point into the Ateca, it’s got more than enough standard equipment for most people. There are 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlamps and black roof rails, while an eight-speaker audio system will keep audiophiles happy. Dual-zone climate control and cruise control sit as highlights in a very comprehensive list of equipment. 

SE Technology

Up next is SE Technology, which upgrades many areas of the standard SE. You now get 18-inch alloy wheels, a larger 9.2-inch colour touchscreen with navigation and the aforementioned voice control, which really is useful when trying to change aspects of the car when on the move.


Sporty FR grade comes next, bringing dark tinted windows and a rear spoiler as well as chrome roof rails and body coloured wheel arch surrounds. The window trims are chrome too, and you get sporty aluminum pedals inside, too. 

FR Sport

FR Sport adds to the standard FR trim with larger 19-inch machined alloy wheels with grey inserts, while this is the first point in the range where a virtual cockpit system is included as standard. This replaces the conventional dials for a configurable screen, which can be changed to show a variety of different screens.


Though XPERIENCE trim brings smaller 18-inch alloy wheels than FR Sport, in other areas it delivers even more. The seats are now trimmed in soft microsuede, while there’s a whole host of aluminium detailing used throughout the cabin. You also get adaptive cruise control, which helps to take the backache out of longer trips. ​


Finally, we’ve got XPERIENCE Lux, which sits atop the Ateca’s range of specifications. This receives pretty much everything you could want, from 19-inch alloy wheels to self-adjusting headlights, LED taillights with dynamic turn signals, a full leather interior and heated front seats.


SEAT Ateca Engine Options:

Ateca SE​

  • 1.0 TSI Ecomotive Petrol 115 6-speed manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO Petrol 150 6-speed manual
  • ​2.0 TDI Diesel 150 6-speed manual
  • 2.0 TDI Diesel 150 7-speed DSG-auto​
  • 2.0 TDI 4Drive Diesel 150 7-speed DSG-auto

​Ateca SE Technology

  • 1.0 TSI Ecomotive Petrol 115 6-speed manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO Petrol 150 6-speed manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO Petrol 150 7-speed DSG-auto​
  • 2.0 TDI Diesel 150 6-speed manual​
  • 2.0 TDI Diesel 150 7-speed DSG-auto​
  • 2.0 TDI 4Drive Diesel 150 7-speed DSG-auto​

Ateca FR

  • 1.5 TSI EVO 150PS Manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TSI DSG-auto 4Drive 190PS
  • 2.0 TDI 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 4Drive 150PS

Ateca FR Sport

  • 1.5 TSI EVO 150PS Manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TSI DSG-auto 4Drive 190PS
  • 2.0 TDI 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 4Drive 150PS


  • 1.5 TSI EVO 150PS Manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TSI DSG-auto 4Drive 190PS
  • 2.0 TDI 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 4Drive 150PS


  • 1.5 TSI EVO 150PS Manual
  • 1.5 TSI EVO DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TSI DSG-auto 4Drive 190PS
  • 2.0 TDI 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 150PS
  • 2.0 TDI DSG-auto 4Drive 150PS

Colour Options

The new SEAT Ateca is available in ten different colours. These come in two non-metallic and eight metallic varieties, including, of course, some of the brand’s best-known signature colours. The non-metallic colours are options on the entire trim range: SE, SE Technology, XPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux, FR and FR Sport. The metallic colours are options on a subset of those models, depending on which you choose. Let’s break this down a little more so that you can see the choices more clearly.

The non-metallic options are:

  • Energy Blue (available on all models)
  • Bila White (available on all models expect FR, FR sport)

And the metallic colours include:

  • Dark camouflage (optional on SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport)
  • Rhodium Grey (optional on SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport, XPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux)
  • Reflex Silver (optional on SE, SE Technology, XPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux)
  • Lava Blue (optional on SE, SE Technology, XXPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux)
  • Velvet Red (optional on SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport, XPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux)
  • Nevada White (optional on SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport, XPERIENCE , XPERIENCE Lux)

Alloy Wheel Options

As you might expect, the new SEAT Ateca comes with some fabulous alloy wheel options across the range, giving you the freedom to create the perfect look. The type of wheel you get depends on the model of Ateca you buy. SEAT lets you choose wheels that range from its smallest 16-inch “Design” alloy wheels, all the way up to its most impressive sporty 19-inch alloys.

Here are some of your upgrade options:

  • 17-inch Dynamic alloy wheels 36/1. These wheels come as standard on the SE. Thus SEAT decided to implement alloy wheels across the entire Ateca range, including the entry-level “economy” version of the vehicle.
  • 18-inch Performance alloy wheels 36/1. These 18-inch alloy wheels are among the trendiest we’ve ever seen from SEAT and feature an appealing, elegant silver-metallic finish design. They currently come as standard on the XCELLENCE
  • 18-inch Performance machines alloy wheels 36/2. Here engineers at SEAT forge the alloy in such a way that the profile of the wheel appears flat from the side. This wheel is fitted as standard on the SE Technology trim.
  • 18-inch Performance alloy wheels 36/3. These grey-tinted wheels current come on the sporty FR model and go well with the available colour options.
  • 19-inch Exclusive machine bi-colour allow wheels 36/1. These impressive and large wheels come as standard with the range-topping XCELLENCE Lux trim. They feature a black-metallic body with a silver-coloured machined exterior. These giant wheels create an impressive and exclusive look while out on the road.

Fuel Efficiency

SEAT supplies its Ateca range with a variety of engine models. You have a tremendous selection of engines from which you can choose, depending on your needs.

The 1.0 TSI Ecomotive 115 PS 6-speed manual is the company’s most basic engine, available on the SE and SE Technology. It produces just 117 g/km CO2 emissions and consumes 39.8 to 43.5 mpg.

The 1.5 TSI EVO 150 PS 6-speed manual produces 121 g/km CO2 emissions and will achieve 40.4 - 41.5 mpg combined.

The 1.5 TSI EVO 150 PS 7-speed DSG-auto which has one additional gear, produces 121 g/km CO2 and will do 38.7 - 40.4 mpg combined.

The slightly larger 1.6 TDI 115 PS 6-speed manual generates the fewest carbon emissions at just 115 g/km and will do 49.5 to 56.5 mpg combined.

The next engine in the range, the 1.6 TDI 115 PS 7-speed DSG-auto delivers 44.1 to 50.4 mpg combined and generates 128 g/km.

SEAT also produces a range of powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine options for the Ateca, all of which offer different CO2 performance. The 2.0 TDI 150 PS 6-speed manual and 2.0 TDI 150 PS 7-speed DSG-auto generate 120 g/km and 119 g/km respectively. The 2.0 TDI 4Drive 150 PS 7-speed DSG-auto -pushes out 138 g/km CO2 and yields 42.2 to 44.1 mpg combined.

The 2.0 TDI 4Drive 150 PS 7-speed DSG-auto and 2.0 TDI 4Drive 190 PS 7-speed DSG-auto are SEAT’s flagship engines for the top trim versions of the Atec. The former will achieve between 42.2 and 43.5 mph at the cost of 138 g/km CO2, while the latter will deliver 39.8 to 40.9 mpg at the cost of 140 g/km CO2.

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Keyless entry and electric tailgate With virtual pedal
Satalive Navigation With Full Link and DAB Radio
Driver Oriented Ergonomically Designed Centre Console

Seat Ateca Test Drive Review

The Seat Ateca is the first SUV for the Spanish manufacturer. Is it any good? We grab the keys and get behind the wheel to find out

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What’s new?

The Ateca is the first SUV ever made by Spanish carmaker Seat, so on the whole it’s an entirely new product – albeit one that uses the familiar Volkswagen Group MQB platform. The car was engineered and designed at Seat’s headquarters at Martorell, Barcelona.

While it might be the first foray into a new sector for Seat, it’s not going to be the last, with four new models – including other SUVs – coming in the next few years.

row of Seat Atecas in orange, white and silver

Looks and image

First impressions of the Seat are that it’s not a Seat at all. Cover up the badging and you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for an Audi Q3 – and indeed on our first drive of it through Barcelona, many people had to take a good close look at the Seat badging, just to check.

It’s quite an impressively premium-looking vehicle all round really, with sharp lines and signature LED lights. Unlock the car and it casts light puddles on the floor under the door mirrors with the Ateca name and outline. It continues to the inside with oodles of soft-touch material in the upper cabin and an up-to-date interior design that you’ll recognise from the Seat Leon. All-in-all, the Ateca gives over a pretty expensive vibe.

Space and practicality

There’s plenty of leg, head and shoulder room in the Ateca for four adults, although jamming a fifth occupant into the centre rear seat will cause a few squabbles – particularly when it comes to straddling the central transmission tunnel. This isn’t any worse a situation than in anything else in the class though.

A 510-litre boot is again ballpark for the class, and although it falls to 485 litres if you specify the 4DRIVE four-wheel drive system on your Ateca, it’s still comparable to rivals. The proportions of the space are decent enough, with a couple of cubbies, and there’s one-touch release levers for the rear seats along with an optional ‘virtual pedal’ hands-free boot release. The rear seats don’t fold flat though and they leave a pronounced step in the folded position.

rear view of a White Seat Ateca

Behind the wheel

There’s no problem getting seated and comfy in the Ateca, with a good driving position giving you a decent, elevated view of the road ahead.

All models are paired with familiar family engine and transmission tech, with TSI petrols ranging from 111bhp to 146bhp and TDI diesels at 111hp, 146bhp and 184bhp. The higher-power diesels can be matched to seven-speed DSG automatics, but our test car is a six-speed manual.

With such widely-used greasy bits, you know what to expect in terms of performance, with 60mph coming up in around 11 seconds for the lowest-powered cars and falling to a brisk 7.5 seconds for the quickest.

Out on the road there’s a clear sporty intent to the Ateca, which handles the twists and turns with very little fuss whatsoever – more so with the 4DRIVE cars that use more sophisticated rear suspension set-ups. This does translate to a little bit of firmness and the odd protest over expansion joints and ripples, but it doesn’t stray into uncomfortable.

If anything, the around-town manners are more impressive and the Ateca handles city streets and traffic with ease.

Value for money

Broadly, the Ateca represents pretty good value once you step away from the entry-level cars. The S specification model may come in at just £17,990, but the only real creature comfort is air conditioning.

Move higher up the range and you get access to toys like LED daytime running lights, dual zone climate control and the central eight-inch touchscreen.

Top specification XCELLENCE cars get multicolour interior ambient lighting, electric opening tailgate with ‘virtual pedal’ hands-free operation and full LED headlights and tail lights.

There’s a pretty broad spread on the options list too, with a panoramic sunroof and a top view camera to give a 360-degree image of your surroundings at manoeuvring speeds.

The Ateca also majors on driving assists, with a traffic jam assist function that can control acceleration, braking and steering in slow moving traffic, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, tiredness recognition system and rear cross traffic alert.

Whichever options and specification you opt for though, it’s going to be hard to get a rival vehicle to match it at the same price point.

Full view of Silver Seat Ateca

Who would buy one?

Anyone who’s in the target market for a family-sized crossover SUV – which, judging by the proliferation of them on the UK’s roads, is just about everyone.

Even though it’s quite late to the game, the Ateca could prove to be one of the best of the bunch.

Test drive model facts at a glance:

  • Model: Seat Ateca XCellence 2.0 TDI 150PS 4Drive
  • Engine: 2.0-litre turbodiesel producing 148bhp and 251lb/ft
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual, driving all four wheels
  • Performance: Top speed 122mph, 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds
  • Economy: 57.6mpg combined
  • Emissions: 128g/km

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