Used Car Finance

Buying a Motor Match used car on finance is a straightforward way to bring down the upfront cost of the vehicle. There are several different finance options, most of which offer you the flexibility to choose the deposit amount and how many months you want the agreement to last. Finance plans work like a loan: you secure the used car you want with an upfront payment and then pay off the balance in monthly instalments until you own the car outright or you trade it in for an upgrade.

Our Motor Match Sales Advisors will be happy to talk you through the available finance options. We understand that choosing and committing to a finance agreement can seem daunting, so we provide clear, honest and impartial information to help you make a decision. From explaining the subtle differences between plans to advising on the best finance option for your needs, our team has plenty of experience with used car finance.

The finance agreements provided through us are fully regulated by, and compliant with, the Financial Conduct Authority so you can have total peace of mind. If you would like to hear more about the finance options available to you at Motor Match, please contact us on the numbers shown below.

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