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Volkswagen Tiguan Motability Car Offers

Browse the latest Motability offers on the VW Tiguan

If you're looking at available SUVs on Motability scheme offers, the Volkswagen Tiguan Motability Car stands out as one of the most practical on the market. For starters, disabled users and their carers will love the array of flexible seating configurations as it allows you to gain a customised and comfortable feel.

The VW Tiguan's practicality is further highlighted by its high driving position and increased interior cabin space compared to its predecessor. The new generation of the VW Tiguan is bigger, better, and more beautiful.

Its range of engine sizes and trims allow motorists to match the VW Tiguan to their needs, making it the best VW Motability vehicle on the market. The R-Line, Elegance, and Life ranges all deliver the ergonomic high-quality materials that are particularly enjoyed by those on the Motability scheme.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Motability SUV is a great option for those making the transition from a smaller hatchback or saloon due to its responsive handling. While this allows you to retain a degree of fun behind the wheel, the car's performance does not compromise safety. It also absorbs shock through corners and over bumps.

When considering the VW Tiguan as your choice of SUV on Motability, the following key features should leave you smiling;

  • A surprisingly enjoyable ride,
  • A high driving position with good access to all cockpit features,
  • Flexible seating configuration and good ground clearing distance,
  • Various trims and engine sizes on offer,
  • The Volkswagen reliability.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Motability Car was highly popular in its first guise and is a far better solution in its current form. Moreover, a selection of colours and add-ons provide excellent personalisation opportunities.

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