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2024 Hatchback Buying Guide

Everything you need to know when buying a hatchback

Hatchbacks come in all sizes from big to small, 2 to 5 doors, in a range of budgets and with a spacious wide opening boot. They’re the UK’s most popular bodystyle, and it’s easy to see why, being such a good all-rounder they’re suitable whether as a first car or a new family car.

What to look for in a hatchback:

  • Movable rear seats - being able to move the rear seats forward and backwards can create extra legroom or boot space when needed
  • Flat folding rear seats - the flatter they fold the more space you'll have to use
  • Split folding rear seats - Allow you to fold one side down for extra boot space whilst still housing a rear passenger
  • Low boot lip - reduces back strain as you can slide long or heavy items over the bumper instead of lifting
  • A long wheelbase - the bigger the wheelbase the more interior and boot space you'll have

Need help finding the perfect hatchback?

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