Side view of Red Volkswagen ID4 GTX being charged

Volkswagen Electric Cars

Pure electric. Pure Volkswagen.

Electric cars have been part of the Volkswagen range since the e-Golf and e-up!, launched in 2014, as electric versions of the classically fuelled Golf and up! Whilst still available as used electric cars, these models have now been replaced with the ID-range of vehicles designed solely as electric cars.

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Charging

With the VW We Connect ID app you can track remaining range, battery level, whether your car is currently plugged in as well as control starting and stopping charging as needed. Plus, if you input the time you need to leave your VW will do the work for you charging at optimal hours so it’s ready when you are.

Electric VW’s come with three driving modes; Normal, ECO and ECO+.

  • Normal does bring down the overall range of the car, but gives you full use of climate control systems, helpful on very hot or cold days.
  • ECO mode is ideal if you only need to slightly alter the climate inside the car, as it diverts power away from the climate control system and towards the electric motor.
  • ECO+ extends the range of the car furthest, as it diverts all power towards the electric motor.

Hybrid VW’s come with up to four driving modes; Hybrid, Charge, GTE and Battery Hold.

  • Hybrid mode is perfect for longer journeys, switching between the electric and the petrol motor.
  • Charge mode uses the energy produced from the petrol engine to recharge the electric battery, best put to use if you want to drive electrically further down the road.
  • GTE unleashes the petrol and electric motors for punchy performance and imposing engine sound.
  • Battery hold mode solely uses the petrol engine to save battery power.

Volkswagen Electric Car FAQ's