Here we look at the difference between Land Rover and Range Rovers

Up until the early 2000s, if you wanted a ‘Range Rover’ there was only one option available – the main full-size Range Rover.

But in more recent years the line-up of Range Rovers has grown significantly, and particularly when Land Rover models are sold too, it can make deciphering the two quite complex. Here we look at the difference between Land Rover and Range Rovers.

What’s the difference?

Essentially Land Rover is the brand of the vehicle and Range Rover is then a bespoke model line. So, the full name of the model is a ‘Land Rover Range Rover.

Land Rover also existed long before Range Rover, and dates back to 1948 with the introduction of the Series I, and from the offset had a more utilitarian focus. A Range Rover wasn’t launched until 1970 when Land Rover saw the opportunity to offer a more upmarket product, and that’s where Range Rover has remained ever since, even if it offers a range of models in different shapes sizes these days.

What Land Rover models are available?

Land Rover offers three models in its direct range – the Discovery Sport, Discovery and Defender. Here we take a quick look at what each has to offer.

Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport arrived in 2014 as the replacement for the old Freelander. Bringing lots of style compared to its predecessor, it’s also available with seven seats, and is a particularly popular model with families thanks to its flexible interior and good value for money.

A plug-in hybrid is also offered alongside a range of petrol and diesel engines.

land rover discovery sport rear


The Discovery was once one of Land Rover’s more utilitarian products, though it’s a far more premium proposition these days. That said it’s still remarkably capable off-road, and is available in a Commercial guise for those wanting more of a workhorse.

Available with seven full-size seats, the Discovery is absolutely huge inside, and offers an upmarket interior too. It’s perfect for those wanting a highly spacious and high-class family SUV.

Silver Land Rover Discovery exterior side parked


One of Land Rover’s most iconic models, the Defender has evolved from being a farm workhorse to a more upmarket affair since its revival in 2020. That said, it’s still the brand’s most capable model when it comes to off-roading, and is pretty much unstoppable in this respect.

It’s now one of Land Rover’s most popular cars, with buyers falling for its cool, boxy design. There’s a massive amount of choice on offer too, including a Commercial model alongside three different body lengths – the 90, 110 and 130.

Land Rover Defender 110 plug-in hybrid charging



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