Land Rover Discovery

New Land Rover Discovery

From £60,540

Technology and Interior

The superb interior is an evolution of the classic Discovery design elements, composed of strong horizontal and vertical lines around the stylized central beam. With premium leather, sculpted wood, and handsome finishers, combined with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, the overall experience is one of luxurious, modern living.

The panoramic roof is a superb option that enhances the spacious vehicle's interior and enables further enjoyment of the environment, as it floods the cabin with natural light, extending even as far as the third row of seats. To maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, there is, however, a dark tint to the toughened glass and there are powered interior blinds for additional shade or privacy as required.

Land Rover Discovery interior 7 seats


With over 2.000 litres of space behind the first row, 926 litres of space behind the second row and independent folding of both rows, you can configure the capacious interior to suit your preferences. Consider your lifestyle and opt for the seating arrangements that suit your plans and activities - the All New Discovery will work with you to achieve your objectives.

The powered inner tailgate can provide protection from the elements, as well as allowing for easier loading and acting as a retainer when the load space area is filled. Alternatively, use it as a platform for sporting and social events and never miss a moment of the action.

Driver assist systems

The Land Rover Discovery comes with a range of standard and optional driver assist and safety systems. If you opt for the Terrain Response 2 system, it will monitor your driving conditions and automatically select the modes for optimum chassis and drive capability, whatever the terrain.

Optional wade sensing technology in the door mirrors can alert you if water levels approach the 900mm maximum depth for wading. You will be able to access real-time pictorial information, through the control system, which really comes into its own when visibility is poor.

Land Rover Discovery interior center console storage
Women and child sitting on the edge of Land Rover Discovery boot
Land Rover Discovery interior from passenger view
Land Rover Discovery exterior front driving down a dirt road
Land Rover Discovery exterior pulling a horse box
Land Rover Discovery diagram of the interior speaker placement

What trim levels are on the Land Rover Discovery?

Discovery S:

  • Sound System with 6 speakers
  • 10" Touchscreen
  • 19" 5 split-spoke 'Style 5021' alloy wheels

Discovery RDynamic S:

  • 3D Surround Camera
  • 20" Style 5122, Satin Dark Grey
  • 11.4" Touchscreen

Discovery Commercial SE:

  • Ebony grained leather seats with Ebony interior
  • MeridianTM Sound System 400W with 12 speakers and a dual-channel subwoofer
  • 21” Style 5123, 5 split-spoke, Gloss Silver

Metropolitan Edition:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Heated leather steering wheel
  • MeridianTM Surround Sound System

Exterior and Performance

With further refinement, ingenuity and sophistication, the all new Discovery remains unparalleled for performance and prestige. With astute farsightedness, this vehicle has been designed to retain all the elements of the classic Land Rover, so there is all of the capability you could want, but it encompasses sleek, sophisticated styling, that makes a bold, ahead-of-its-time design statement.The exterior is an innovative re-imagining of Discovery, to ensure that it retains its uniquely recognisable poise and presence. It also reaches a new heights of finesse, as demonstrated by its elegant, graceful lines.

This range includes the latest incarnation of high efficiency 2.0 Sd4 Ingenium diesel engines, 3.0 litre Td6 diesel engine, and the 3.0 Si6 Petrol engine. All of which enables maximum power to be accessed. And of course you can choose from diesel and petrol engine options, each one a delivering impressive efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment for the driver.

Green Land Rover Discovery Metropolitain exterior

How can we help?

First Drive: Land Rover Discovery

The new Discovery has been around a little while now and, like or loathe the way it looks, it’s been immensely popular.

​What is it?

The new Discovery has been around a little while now and, like or loathe the way it looks, it’s been immensely popular. It’s capable of seating seven in comfort yet able to conquer nearly any type of terrain, so there’s little wonder why it’s been snapped up by consumers. Initially offered with a range of traditional diesel and petrol engines there’s now a new powertrain, and it uses Land Rover’s 2.0-litre petrol ‘Ingenium’ unit. It may appear, on paper at least, that this engine is too small to carry along the heavy Discovery, but is that the case? Let’s find out.

What’s new?

The biggest change here is the engine. We’ve previously seen this small capacity petrol engine used in a variety of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, in an attempt to combat the growing distrust of diesel units. Elsewhere, it’s business as usual. The Discovery still gets seven useable seats that can fold completely flat, as well as a full suite of driver aids to ensure that no weather or obstacle can stop you from getting where you need to go.

​What’s under the bonnet?

This new Ingenium engine is, at 2.0-litres, the smallest capacity drivetrain offering you can get on the Discovery. It’s paralleled by a diesel version – though it’s the petrol that we have with us here. It produces 298bhp and an impressive 400Nm of torque, which means it’s able to get the two-tonne Disco up to 60mph in a reasonable 7.3 seconds and onwards to a top speed of 125mph. Of course, a by-product of a smaller engine working hard to lug a big, heavy body around is that it hurts economy. Land Rover claims that this version will return 29.4mpg on the combined cycle, though in daily driving we achieved closer to 22mpg. Emissions are, again, as you’d expect for a large SUV, sitting at 222g/km CO2.

What’s it like to drive?

The Discovery doesn’t encourage spirited driving – it’s far too big and heavy for that. Rather, it’s at its best when you sit back and soak up the comfort rather than put your foot down. Any attempt at pushing it down a tight back road is soon quashed by copious body roll, slow steering and of course, its sheer size. It’s not as ponderous as you might expect, though, and will certainly show a clean pair of heels to most similarly-sized SUVs. The Discovery flattens out potholes and makes mincemeat of choppy road surfaces. The price to pay is some wallowing over larger bumps, though the air suspension takes off all the hard edges with ease.

​How does it look?

Make no mistake, the Discovery’s looks have caused debate since the moment it was first released. Some love its rounded, softer look – particularly compared to the model it replaces – while others downright loathe the car’s styling, and have thrown much criticism at the off-set placement of the rear licence plate. As for us, we don’t mind it.

It’s impactful out on the road – though any car of this sheer size is going to be – and the large alloy wheels are just the right size so as to counteract the huge amount of metal that makes up the Discovery’s body.

Land Rover Discovery Front
Land Rover Discovery Rear
Land Rover Discovery Interior

What’s it like inside?

The interior of the Discovery is an impressive blend of form and function. There’s tech here – that’s for sure – with features such as heated and cooled seats, and a heated steering wheel all included on our test car. Up front, it’s a comfortable and spacious place to be, with the seats providing plenty of support, while those in the middle row are equally well-off for space.

Anyone in the rearmost seats should be happy, though taller passengers will likely be best sat there for shorter journeys. Children will be just fine here though, and – in truth – most average-height adults will be too – there’s a surprising amount of legroom. If you’re needing as much luggage space as possible then both second and third rows fold completely flat, offering up a gargantuan 2,406 litres of luggage room.

What’s the spec like?

Our test car came in Luxury trim, which meant that it was adorned with plenty equipment as standard. A full 10-inch colour touchscreen came fitted as it does on all Discos, and this houses functions such as satellite navigation and media. It’s not a bad system, with icons that are clear and easy to understand, but it lacks some of the crispness that you get in rival offerings. That said, simple operations such as pairing your phone or playing a song from a media device are easy enough to do. Of course, the devil is in the details. Those details, in this case, are optional extras, and those fitted to our test car weigh heavy on the car’s overall price. That heated steering wheel? £200. Grey metallic paint? £850. The Discovery comes relatively well specified as standard, but start ticking too many boxes and you’ll quickly find the price creeping skywards.

The woeful fuel economy of this 2.0-litre petrol engine will be, for most, a serious sticking point and a barrier to ownership. The car still feels at its best with diesel power, and that’s where we’d recommend the majority of buyers stay. The rest of the Discovery is still a hugely compelling package, though – it’s hugely comfortable, unbeatable off-road, spacious and premium. As big family SUVs go, they don’t get much better than this.