Audi has revealed its plans to make the electric car charging experience more upmarket.

A new pilot project in Germany is expected to go live later this year called Audi Charging Hub. It will be made from shipping containers, which the firm says makes it more flexible and opens up more location opportunities.

As well as this, there will be big lithium-ion batteries on-site that provide energy to the high-powered chargers. They have impressive green credentials because they’re made from cells recycled from development vehicles, while the need for a standard 400-volt electricity hookup further widens the scope for where they can be built.

These batteries are constantly recharged by the power supply but also get green energy from solar panels on the roof.

It’s likely that the site will use state-of-the-art fast-chargers capable of providing up to around 300kW. Audi’s latest e-tron GT model can be charged up to 270kW, meaning 60 miles of range can be added in around five minutes, while an 80 per cent charge takes just over 20 minutes.

As part of the premium experience, Audi wants to eliminate waiting times, so drivers can book a spot at a charger. They’ll then have access to a lounge with a range of snacks, drinks and ‘non-food items’.

The concept has some similarities with the Gridserve Electric Forecourt that recently opened in Braintree. It’s the first EV-focused service station and has a modern design with waiting areas, shops and restaurants.

Audi e-tron exterior charging port



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