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Buying a Used Audi SQ7

As a recently updated Audi model, any used SQ7 that you buy won't be particularly old; with the first generation being released in 2016 and the second in 2019. You can expect to find a range of cars in great condition with lower mileage. Although the model is still relatively new, you can still find some excellent savings by buying a used car instead of customising a completely new vehicle. You might not have the benefit of getting to choose every detail and feature, but it's worth it if you can save thousands of pounds on the purchase price.

If you are looking at the Audi SQ7 for your next used car, start by looking at the mileage. The lower the mileage, the better the condition the vehicle is likely to be in. Take note of which features are included in any car that you look at and compare with other options to determine which is best for your needs. It's best to consider an approved used Audi SQ8 so that you know it has the seal of approval from the manufacturer.

A standard SQ7 is likely to cost you just under £75,000 to get out on the road, but you could save some of your money by opting for a used car instead. Browse the options that we have available to find the used Audi SQ7 that answers your requirements and your desires.

How has the Audi SQ7 evolved since release?

To date, there have only been 2 generations of the SUV SQ7. Yet the words big and bold seem to encapsulate both the 2016 and the 2019 version.

In fact, the Audi SQ7 2019 is all about a combination of the most substantial Audi SUV chassis and their biggest diesel engine.

Under the hood, you will find a meaty V8 turbo diesel fitted with an electric compressor and turbochargers for good measure. You can also expect a mighty 435 hp, with a 0-62 mph acceleration in 4.8 seconds. Which for such a large vehicle is not too shabby at all.

It's not just the guts under the hood that make the 2019 SQ7 version so unique either. In fact, the exterior aesthetics are pretty impressive as well. Look out for the black octagon grill with air inlets on either side at the front. While at the back, you will find not 2 but 4 oval exhausts!

The earlier 2016 model differs from the 2019 iteration in several ways. Firstly it was a trailblazer when it came to high-performance diesel vehicles specially designed for use on the road.

Additionally, the styling of the 2016 SQ7 is based on the Q7 and was deliberately crafted to let others on the road know the power that engine packs. Although those looking for a 2016 used SQ7 model should note that the 4.0 TDI engine featuring is the same as the 2019 model and comes with the turbochargers and electric compressor too.

Trim options

As you would expect from such a distinguished manufacturer as Audi, there are a range of options when it comes to trims that you can choose for the SQ7. Of course, knowing what is included in each of these options is very useful when purchasing a Used Audi SQ7. This is because it allows you to compare prices and negotiate in a much more meaningful way. Something that can help you get the best bang for your buck.

In fact, there are two levels of trim to watch out for. The first is the basic option you will find on an Audi SQ7 for Sale, which still comes with a whole raft of features. These include Adaptive air suspension that is specific to these SQ models, as well as bucket seats in the front crafted from Valcona leather. The iconic V style alloy wheels are a part of this trim pack as well, with the 5-double-spoke-V-style being fitted as standard. Additionally, when it comes to tech, you can expect the touch screen Audi virtual cockpit, and the latest dynamic Matrix LED headlights to boot.

The other trim option is the Vorsprung. This comes with all of the above and a little extra. For those that really want to kit their SQ7 out to the max. In fact, instead of 5-double-spoke-V-style alloys, you can expect 5-V-Spoke aluminum stars. Additionally, the Vorsprung comes with a high-end Bose sound system and for those that get aching muscles on longer journeys, a front seat massage function. Just for that added bit of luxury! 

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