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Used Audi S1 Sportback

The most luxurious choice in Audi’s supermini range and has five doors for added practicality.

The S1 Sportback was Audi's attempt to create a fast, high-performance and desirable hatchback, accessible to the masses. Not only did it boast a top speed of between 118 and 146 miles per hour, depending on the model you chose but was also capable of a respectable 40 to 51 mpg. Not bad, right?

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The Audi S1 Sportback

Released in 2014, the Audi S1 Sportback was a direct descendant of the manufacturer's popular A1 series of vehicles. The S1 Sportback came with a 2.0 TFSI 231 HP engine on release and was available in all-wheel-drive only.

The history of the S1 goes back a long way. The vehicle pays homage to the original Audi S1 of the 1980s - a do-it-all car which eventually went on to dominate the World Rally Championships. Audi stopped making the S1 Sportback in 2018 and reverted to the A1 line from then onwards.


Audi says that the S1 Sportback offers the virtues of both a sports car and a hatchback, thanks to its permanent quattro drive, direct performance and powerful engine. The vehicle propels drivers and their passengers from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds, rivalling some of the fastest hot hatches on the market today. It will also go on to a top speed of 155 mph, at which point, the speed limiter kicks in.

Despite the impressive performance, fuel consumption is reasonable. Official testing showed that the car would do 33.6 mpg and churn out between 162 and 166 g/km CO2, depending on how you drove it.

Ride Quality

The Audi S1 Sportback came with a revamped suspension system, designed to improve on that of the older A1 line (and the original, of course). It also features a four-link suspension design which replaces the compound link found on the A1 models. The automaker also added improved electromechanical steering to the vehicle and better pivot bearings in the front axle, improving the overall feel of the steering.

Interior Trim

The interior of the Audi Sportback features a host of S-range-specific features, designed to create an intense atmosphere. Most S1 Sportbacks are finished in dark tones, with black dominating the majority of the interior, including the air vent sleeves. The instrument panel is greyscaled, and the pedal caps are made of brushed steel. The S1 Sportback comes with sports seats as standard, and some used models feature optional colour accents to give the car more of a racing feel.

Buying A Used Audi S1 Sportback

Audi is a carmaker famous for the quality of its vehicles. For that reason, second hand Audi S1 Sportbacks are extremely popular, granting second-hand car buyers with access to a high-performance car from a quality German automaker.

We offer a range of Audi S1 Sportbacks for sale, each of which comes equipped with a host of options and features designed to enhance the driving experience.

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