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What is myAudi and how can it help me?

Want to know more about what myAudi is?

Here’s our guide to this function, which can make your car ownership so much easier. Time is something many of us wish we had more of, and anything that can help you to save time can be a huge advantage to your life. And that’s the reason why myAudi was created, with the aim of making owning an Audi even simpler.But what is myAudi and how can it help me? Here’s our guide to it.

What is myAudi?

With many of us using our smartphones as part of our day-to-day lives, myAudi aims to integrate into this. It’s essentially a smartphone app that connects your Android or Apple device to your modern Audi.

What’s the benefit of having myAudi?

Ease of use is the key advantage to having myAudi. As long as you have a new Audi, it can seamlessly give your phone control of the car – helping with things like route planning. It can also handle a whole host of remote functions, allowing you to check and monitor the things on the car without having to be anywhere near it. 

All of these help to save you time – for example the remote locking and unlocking function means that if you’re unsure as to whether you’ve locked your car, you can just check on the myAudi app, rather than having

What kind of things can myAudi help with?

Here’s a list of things that myAudi can handle. 

  • Route guidance
  • Remote locking and unlocking
  • Check fuel and oil levels
  • Check the number of miles of fuel left
  • ‘Car Finder’ parking location 
  • Look at local fuel prices
  • Live weather updates
  • Check when your car is due a service

What cars can I get myAudi on?

The simple answer is every modern Audi is available with myAudi, whether it be the smallest car, the A1, or the fastest car, the R8, and even the electric car, e-tron.

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How do I connect my car to myAudi?

The process is very easy to connect your vehicle to the smartphone app. These steps apply to all but the Q2, Q5, TT and R8, which have slightly different ways of connecting. For further information on how to connect your Audi to the app, see the full guide attached

1.  First you need to download the app. Search for myAudi on either the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android phones and tablets. Create a myAudi account.

2. Enter your myAudi account details into your vehicle. In the car’s MMI infotainment system, go to Menu then select User. 

3. Click ‘Log in to myAudi’

4. Log in using your myAudi username (your email address) and password. This automatically updates the app itself to contain your car’s details. 

5. If you want to access further remote services (e.g remote locking/unlocking), you need to make yourself a key user. 

6. To do this, go to the User area in the MMI system, and select User Management. 

7. Use your 10 digit code on the key tag and enter this in the area below your email address.

8. You’ll then be told that the key user has been set successfully.  

If you are struggling to connect myAudi to your car please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team of Audi experts are on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

Get in touch with one of our Audi sites on 03308 387412 or enquire below.