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Selling your financed car? Sounds fine to us.

Are you looking to sell a car on finance? Let us take the hassle out of it. Pop in your reg number below for a nice, competitive quote.

What might affect the value of my financed car?

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Mileage
  • Number of previous owners
  • Service history

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Whether you're thinking of selling your vehicle, or part-exchanging it for a new vehicle, you'll want the best price possible. Our easy to use tool will give you a good idea of what it's worth from the comfort of your sofa, so you can spend more time doing the exciting part, looking for your next one.

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How to sell a financed car

If your car is on finance, then you don’t quite own it until you have paid off everything you owe to your lender. However, you do have some options when it comes to selling your financed car! The easiest option is to let Sell 2 Swansway settle your finance for you.

Once you agree on a sale, we will pay the remaining balance to your finance company and give you the remaining amount of the price of your car.

For example:

If we value your financed car at £30,000 but you still owe £22,000 on it, we will pay that amount to your lender and pay you the remaining £8,000.

It is important to note that if we purchase a vehicle from you that is in negative equity, you may end up owing us money. For example, if you owe £22,000 on the finance agreement, but your car is only worth £20,000, we'll pay off the settlement figure with the finance company but you would then owe us £2,000.

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Why choose Sell 2 Swansway?

  • Easy, hassle-free way of selling a car
  • Family-owned business
  • Over 55 years’ experience in the motor trade
  • Part of the Swansway Motor Group
  • Competitive quotations valid for 7 days
  • Online video appraisals
  • FREE car collection
  • Money straight into your bank account
  • Upfront and honest - no hidden charges
  • No time wasters, barterers, or post-sale hasslers

Selling a car on finance? You must have some questions.

Brands we work with

We buy cars from some of the biggest, most popular brands out there. If you are looking to sell your car from any of these manufacturers, don’t delay. Get your free, competitive valuation now!