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PEUGEOT currently offer an impressive range of electric and hybrid vehicles, with eight models on the line-up in total, meaning that there are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a new or used PEUGEOT electric or hybrid vehicle.

From the ideal compact city car to a micro-van perfect for families and a commercial vehicle, there is something for everyone in the PEUGEOT 100% electric range. Starting with the e-208, which offers a lively and stimulating drive, the e-208 carries a 50kWh battery which allows a range of up to 217 miles and is perfect for those looking for an electric car suited to urban driving.

Following on is the e-2008, PEUGEOT’s versatile and compact electric SUV. It adopts many things from its petrol counterpart, such as the same powerful and fluid lines, giving it a stand-out look on the road. The e-2008 has a range of up to 214 miles.

If you’re looking for the ideal electric vehicle to fit in with your adventure lifestyle or growing family, the PEUGEOT e-Rifter is available in two lengths and can seat up to 7 people, giving you lots of space for carrying out day to day tasks or setting off on your next road trip. Whatever your journey, the range isn’t an issue with up to 172 miles on one single charge.

The PEUGEOT e-Traveller MPV offers fantastic practicality and a comfortable driving experience, with space for up to 8 passengers. Its 100% electric engine offers a range of 148 miles.

As for PEUGEOT’s hybrid range, there are 4 vehicles available, the 308 and 308 SW Hybrid, 3008 Hybrid and Hybrid and 508 Hybrid. These all offer PEUGEOT drivers the opportunity to make the step towards 100% electric.

What electric PEUGEOT models are there?

PEUGEOT offer four 100% electric vehicles:

  • PEUGEOT e-2008
  • PEUGEOT e-2008
  • PEUGEOT e-Rifter
  • PEUGEOT e-Traveller

What is the range of PEUGEOT electric cars?

  • PEUGEOT e-2008 – up to 217 miles.
  • PEUGEOT e-2008 – up to 214 miles.
  • PEUGEOT e-Rifter – up to 172 miles.
  • PEUGEOT e-Traveller – up to 148 miles.