Servicing Your Motability Car

​All vehicles need servicing to keep them running happily, luckily, with a vehicle on the Motability scheme the cost of your servicing and any maintenance needed due to general wear are all included in your worry-free Motability package. All you need to do is book your vehicle in with us. 

Book your Motability Car in for a Service

What’s included in a Motability car service?

 Servicing checks can differ between different manufacturers but typically, you can expect the service on your Motability car to include the below:

● Engine oil

● Windscreen washer fluid

● Lights

● Tyre tread

● Tyre pressure (including a spare tyre if applicable)

● Engine cooling system

The professionals looking after your vehicle will be able to provide detailed information about any additional checks that are carried out when you book your service. If checks are required for any adaptations fitted on your vehicle , they will also be covered by the package so there are no extra fees or charges to worry about.

Man servicing a vehicle
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What to expect when your car goes in for a service

Servicing should be quick, simple and hassle-free.

With a Motability car, you don’t have to worry about additional costs such as servicing.

You will get handy reminders to let you know when your service is due on your car.

Once you’ve booked your car in at a time that is convenient for you, you can relax while your car is checked over by trained technicians.

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After the service

When your vehicle service is complete, the technicians will contact you and explain what they have done and what the checks showed. 

If there are any issues that need addressing, these will be explained in detail. If the car is in good working order, you will be free to collect it.

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How often does a Motability car need servicing?

All manufacturers recommend regular services, but there may be slight variations depending on the make and model. Usually, services will be scheduled either at set times during the lease or when you hit a number of miles.

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​Is a Motability service free?

Yes, Regular services are included in the Motability Scheme lease. Your package includes leasing the vehicle, general repairs for wear and tear, servicing and your MOT.

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Can anyone service my Motability car?

One requirement of the Motability lease is that the vehicle is taken to an approved dealer for servicing. The dealership will be recommended by your managing dealer.

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The benefits of Motability car services

  1. Easy, stress-free way of checking you vehicle
  2. It’s beneficial to keep up to date with services so that you adhere to the terms of the agreement, but also to take advantage of a bonus payment if your car is in excellent condition. 
  3. Regular services can also provide peace of mind
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Do I need to do anything before my car is serviced?

If your Motability car is due a service, you should receive a reminder around 28 days before the service is due. If you haven’t received a reminder to book a service, contact your dealer. Once you’ve made an appointment, all you need to do is take the vehicle to the dealership on the agreed date and arranging transport home if a suitable courtesy car is not available.