Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle on Motability

The Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle is not currently available on the Motability Scheme. Discover other Volkswagen Models in the Motability Scheme:

Get a Volkswagen on the Motability Scheme

If practicality and comfort are the priorities

The Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle ticks all the boxes as the sliding doors, folding armrests, and flexible seating configurations can be further supported by a range of practical electric tailgate features.

The van itself has, over the course of various incarnations, been a key part of the VW family for generations. However, the modern touches, which extend to the Composition Colour infotainment system, make it a fun and convenient solution.

Disabled drivers and/or their carers can also embrace a plethora of practical driver assistance and safety systems in key moments like parking or changing lanes. Driver Steering Recommendation features help stabilise the vehicle and combat issues like oversteering. This delivers the smooth transportation that users on the Motability scheme crave.

There's a lot to love about the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle on Motability, including but not limited to;

  • A vehicle boasting modern safety features without losing the fun,
  • Flexible seating configurations with easy changing features,
  • Sliding doors and high ground clearing.
  • A high driving position and easy access to infotainment features.
  • VW's reliable quality.

The Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 6.1 minibus van is available in a range of colour schemes and with various optional extras. Once customised to personal preferences, it is an ideal vehicle for drivers and passengers with additional needs.