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SEAT Leon Estate Motability prices

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SEAT introduced the fourth generation Leon in 2020, and it's an all-new car that offers Motability drivers better styling, exciting media connectivity and more safety features than ever before. The engine options are bigger and better than ever and it's a car that should be given at least a chance! The SEAT Leon Estate Motability Cars are some of the best family cars available today and when you need an adjusted car to get around with the kids, you can trust this one to be exactly what you need.

This car is one that has always been a contender for the family hatchbacks out there, but it's improved massively over the past few years. Motability customers will also appreciate how affordable this new Leon is and with the "Latin spirit in every one", you'll be able to enjoy a vehicle that gets on the road and does exactly what you need. The SEAT Leon has everything you need when it comes to value versus quality, and it's long been the best pick of the Volkswagen Group which makes it a car you want!

Choosing the SEAT Leon through motability will give you a brand new ride that comes complete with insurance, maintenance and servicing. You even get a full breakdown assistance, replacement tyre cover, a mileage allowance of 60,000 and windscreen repair, too. The benefits are huge with SEAT Leon Estate Motability Cars, and you will be spoilt for choice on what you get as a result. Let's take a look at the SEAT Leon on the road and get some more information about what you expect from your SEAT Leon Estate Motability Car choice.

Almost all models look familiar under the bonnet of a SEAT, but the LEON offers a 1.0-litre TSI three cylinder 110PS unit. You'll also have another mainstream petrol engine option, which is a 1.5-litre TSO EVO variat. This has an efficient "cylinder on demand" technology with a choice of 130 or 150PS output. If you prefer an auto gearbox, then you'll want the 150PS 1.5 TSI EVO unit, with a SEAT 48-volt mild hybrid tech included.

A SEAT Leon tends to feel quite sporty and zippy on the road, and this is a model that is based on the MQB platform that undergirded the predecessor. There's enough torsional stiffness here, and this allows for a supple ride with a much firmer body control. You can choose the variation with more than 150PS and you'll get rear suspension for a better ride. You will also get a better handling balance, which is great considering different Leon variants don't get this.

There are choices with the design and build with the SEAT Leon, from the 5-door hatch or the ST estate model. No matter what, though, the SEAT says that the visual of the car is one of the biggest reasons people go ahead and buy the earlier version of the car. There are sharper, more assertive lines of this design, and in its hatch form, there is an added 86mm length, but it's 16mm narrower. Drivers can enjoy the full-LED headlights that feature at the front of the car, and at the rear of the vehicle you'll find a much wider "coast to coast" arrangement that is a distinctive feature to enjoy.

You'll love the inside of the SEAT Leon, too, as there is a huge redesign around the Digital Cockpit. You'll get that 10.25" driver instrument cluster alongside the 10" infotainment system. Fans of Barcelona may notice the inspiration taken from Diagonal Avenue, as the graphic design positioning is taken from there according to the SEAT Leon fans. The interior lights are a big feature, too, with a wraparound dashboard light covering the width of the fascia and continuing right through the car doors. For those with mobility issues, extra internal lighting is so important for easier access and movement in and out of the vehicle - especially at night.

Choosing the SEAT Leon Estate on Mobility is going to give you the movement and freedom you are looking for, as well as a roomy interior and a boot space you can enjoy. The cargo room has improved, and you can speak to us today about getting your new SEAT Leon Estate on Motability.

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