Peugeot 5008 SUV Motability Car Prices

Are you looking for a PEUGEOT 5008 on Motability?

Get a PEUGEOT 5008 on the Motability Scheme

A spacious boot and fold down seats deliver a new perspective on the storage volume. Each seat can be adjusted to provide further configuration flexibility while the rear doors are noticeably longer than those of the 3008, which means easier access.

It's available in various specs, with the lower end 1.2l engine offering a quiet and economical ride. The steering is pleasingly smooth while a maximum five-star NCAP score confirms safety and comfort. The vehicle boasts a host of assisted driving aspects too.

The advanced Active Blind Spot Detection, Active Lane Keeping Assistance, and Advanced Driver Attention Alert systems offer functional practicality. The I-Cockpit boasts a responsive 8” touchscreen display that can be customised to reflect personal needs, which is another top feature for anyone looking at Motability cars.

When considering a Motability scheme vehicle, the 5008 Peugeot SUV is a great way to transition from an MPV, and will provide; 

  • The enjoyable driving of the 3008, but with added practicality,
  • Full control over the configuration of the seats and boot space,
  • Long doors and a high ground clearing for easy access,
  • An exceptional infotainment system,
  • An array of practical assisted driving features.

Peugeot Motability cars are a very popular choice for disabled drivers or carers of disabled persons. The 5008's function, versatility, and aesthetic beauty ensure that it is one of the best solutions on the market by far.