White Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Hybrid On Motability

The Honda Jazz-Hybrid is available on the Motability Scheme

Why Choose the Honda Jazz Hybrid on Motability?

This Honda Jazz Hybrid has a seamless and clean design. With new structural technologies, the A-pillar is half the width of that on the previous model, which has improved forward horizontal visibility. A perfect choice for your next Motability Car! The Honda Jazz has the Petrol-Hybrid engine making it very fuel efficient, which will save you money and results in less frequent trips to the fuel station - saving you time.

White Honda Jazz exterior parked in a forest

Honda Jazz Accessibility

If you're looking for a small car that's easy to access, the Jazz is hard to beat. The front doors open all the way to 70 degrees, which is wider than both the Ford Fiesta (63 degrees) and the VW Polo (65 degrees). It's only one degree away from matching the Vauxhall Corsa's wide opening.

You cam also get in and out of the car easily, thanks to a low sill height of just 370mm from the ground. Plus, the driver's seat is adjustable, ranging from as low as 565mm to as high as 609mm. This provides a wide range of options to find the perfect seating position. While the highest setting is higher than average for this car class, if you prefer a very high seating position, you may want to consider the Citroën C3 (658mm) or the Peugeot 208 (639mm). However, it's important to note that the front passenger's seat does not have height adjustment.

Discover the versatility and practicality of the Jazz. Not only is it easy to enter and exit, but it also offers smart solutions for storage. While it may not have the largest boot capacity on paper (304 litres), the Jazz surprises with its 'magic seats' that can be flipped up like cinema seats, creating a second luggage area.

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