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There’s a great range of Coupés available on the Motability scheme including:

  • Peugeot 108; from £0 Advance Payment
  • Volkswagen up!; currently unavailable

For more information about the range of Coupé models available on the Motability scheme, please contact our central Motability team; 01270 419061.

Total Allowance
Total Allowance
Total Allowance

Choosing a mobility car requires some research and attention to detail. Factors including your disability type, age, and lifestyle are important in determining which vehicle to choose. Smaller cars tend to be cheaper to run and lower on emissions, but they're not much use for someone who needs room to maneuver. Conversely, a larger vehicle might not suit someone who needs regular access to an inner-city location.

Thankfully, there are many vehicles to choose from under the Motability scheme, such as EV cars, estates, SUVs, and Coupes. A Coupe may not be the first choice for someone selecting a Motability vehicle, but there are some clear advantages to choosing these, often appealing, hatchbacks. Of course, they won't suit everyone; much will depend on your taste, needs, and lifestyle, but they are worth considering for several excellent reasons.

What Makes Coupes Accessible

A Coupe is a small, sporty vehicle. They sometimes have two seats and a fold-down roof, but many of them are simple four or five-seater vehicles with hardtops. These second types are sometimes known as hatchback vehicles, although the difference in dimension and specifications is minimal. Coupe and Hatchbackscan make excellent Motability vehicles due to their smallness and accessibility.

It will not suit someone with a large family who takes regular trips to the supermarket or is busy with the morning school run. For this, you might think about a saloon, estate, or SUV. But if you need a car to visit friends and family, travel in, and make short journeys to the shops, then a Coupe or Hatchback is low enough to get in and out of quickly – it is also excellent for parking.

Coupe Motability Offers

The Motability Scheme is an excellent opportunity for those who qualify to exchange part of their higher rate Motability allowance for a car, scooter, or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). Often, there is no upfront payment, and vehicles can be leased for three or five years. If you lease a WAV vehicle, you may further benefit from free insurance, servicing, and breakdown cover.

Presently, there's a great range of Coupés available on the Motability scheme, including the Peugeot 108; from £0 Advance Payment and the Volkswagen up!, also from £0 Advance Payment For more information about the range of Coupé models available on the Motability scheme, please contact our central Motability team; 01270 419061.

Peugeot 108 Motability Offer

The Peugeot 108 is now available on the Motability scheme with eight attractive models to choose from. The Peugeot 108 is a five-door vehicle making it easily accessible for you and your family and offering enough room in the back for messages from the shops. It has a 1.0L engine meaning it is light on fuel and offers fast acceleration. This vehicle uses Thorren Alloy wheels that are durable and look fantastic.

It further benefits from a retractable electric roof made from fabric, automatic air conditioning to save you adjusting settings while driving, a reverse camera to avoid bumps, and a colour touchscreen mirror. In terms of the dashboard controls, the Peugeot 108 has DAB radio, Bluetooth functionality, and wheel-mounted controls – perfect if you need to switch stations simultaneously as switching lanes.

Volkswagen Up! Motability Offer

Volkswagen needs no introduction. They are a car manufacturer renowned for reliability, functionality, and excellent value. The Volkswagen Up is no different. This neat three-door hatchback combines speed with comfort and versatility. Fun to drive, easy to manoeuvre, and surprisingly spacious, the Volkswagen Up is full of surprises.

The three-door version of the Up is now available on the Motability Scheme and does not require any upfront payment. You might think that a three-door car is fairly small, but it has its advantages. What's more, the Up is surprisingly spacious inside, meaning you can still benefit from adequate leg and headroom. It is also a 1.0L engine with onboard air conditioning and alloy wheels.

Motability Lifestyle

Whatever your lifestyle is and whichever body style you prefer, you can find a Motability coupé car to suit your needs. Coupe vehicles won't be for everyone, but it's surprising how much value you can leverage from a smaller vehicle: not only in terms of efficiency but also speed, parking, and accessibility. And don't forget the smaller Coupes are roomy inside.

At Swansway, we are supporting the Circus Starr charity in 2020, and for every car sold here on the Motability scheme, we will send a disadvantaged or disabled child and their carer to the circus. When you join Motability, you will also receive full support and help to enjoy a worry-free motoring experience; this includes a new Volkswagen of your choice every three years, Car insurance, Full breakdown assistance, and much more, all at no extra cost.

Whatever your lifestyle, whichever bodystyle you prefer; you can find a Motability coupé car to suit you.

Of course, a coupé isn’t for everyone, the sloping roof can make accessing the rear seats tricky and often mean that your tallest passengers won’t find a long journey in the rear seats particularly comfy, but if a coupé suits your lifestyle these are the models currently on offer through the Motability scheme.

Motability Coupé prices correct at time of print; July 2021. For more information, please contact your nearest Swansway car dealership.

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