Audi Q2

Audi Q2 on Motability

The popular Audi Q2 is available on the Motability scheme for Q4 2023!

Why choose the Audi Q2 on Motability?

Combining a Coupe-style appearance with the practicalities of a traditional off-roader, the Audi Q2 is the German manufacturer's first compact SUV and delivers the style that has become synonymous with the brand alongside a range of features that make it a perfect solution for any driver on the Motability scheme.

On the inside, the vehicle boasts all of the key infotainment features expected of a modern Audi but with practical setups for Motability scheme users. For example, the Sat Nav system does not retract into the driving column, which helps you avoid fiddling.

The Q2 perhaps isn't the best Audi for boy races but its ability to reduce the pressure of bumps, even through corners, is a fantastic feature for those seeking a safe and comfortable drive. The TFSI engines are built to deliver a pleasing fuel-economy, which is great for the environment as well as your pocket.


Audi Q2 Accessibility

The Audi Q2 is a compact SUV which an incredibly practical choice for a Motability car. The raised chassis is complemented by the driver’s seat being 610mm from the ground which makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier. The door opening is also very practical at 63 degrees so there is plenty of space to exit the car effortlessly. Audi have also included full height adjustability and lumbar support to both front seats ensuring the most comfortably position can be easily found.

Storage is plentiful in the Audi Q2 with a large boot holding a total of 405 litres, this is plenty of space to fit a folded-up wheelchair and there is space for an unfolded wheelchair when the rear seats are flat.

The Audi Q2 Sportback on Motability

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