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Petrol Vs Electric - Which should you choose?

Should you buy a petrol or electric car? Here at Swansway Motor Group we are here to help you decide!

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, it’s best to have all the information before you make any decisions. Choosing between a petrol vehicle and an EV is a decision that more and more people will be starting to make, especially as the sale of new petrol/diesel vehicles and the sale of new petrol/diesel hybrid vehicles will be stopped by 2035.

Here at Swansway Motor Group, we’re here to guide you through that decision, take a look at our Petrol VS Electric comparison.

Purchase Price:

Currently, the majority of petrol vehicles are cheaper to purchase when compared to an EV. This is because petrol vehicles have existed for many decades, meaning that there is a big used car market alongside this petrol vehicles are also produced in a greater quantity. However more and more electric vehicles are coming to the used market which will see prices drastically decrease.

When it comes to electric vehicles, it is important to consider that there are a couple of government grants available, these are designed to bring the cost of electric vehicles down. There are also lots of manufacturers providing free home chargers when purchasing a car which helps bring the cost down.

Running Costs:

On the flip side, whilst electric vehicles are generally more expensive to purchase, they are usually far cheaper to run when compared to a petrol vehicle.

When it comes to the cost of fuel, it is cheaper to fully charge an electric vehicle than it is to fill the tank on a petrol vehicle, despite the rising energy costs. The cost can vary depending on where your charging your EV, at home prices are a lot cheaper than charging at a public charger although this is quicker as public chargers use rapid charging.

EVs on a whole are cheaper when it comes to paying road tax as well. Road tax is based on the emissions that your vehicles produce, therefore as electric vehicles don’t produce any emissions, they are exempt from road tax. Similarly, EVs are also exempt from the Clean Air Zone charges that are in place in some UK cities.


One of the biggest anxieties that people have when it comes to electric vehicles relates to the range.

Electric vehicles have come a long way when it comes to range (excuse the pun), most EVs now travel up to 300 miles while some can hit the 500 mark. Range varies model to model but the ID.7 is a great choice as it reaches up to 383 miles.

The infrastructure for electric vehicles is constantly growing, meaning that there are now over 53,000 charging points in the UK, that means there’s more charging points that petrol stations!

Much like electric vehicles, the range of petrol vehicles is very much dependent on the vehicle. It all comes down to how many litres the fuel tank can hold as well as the average mpg. For example, if you have a vehicle with a 55-litre engine and an average mpg of 38, it will cover roughly 456 miles on one tank of fuel.

If you’re keen to bring your average mpg down, take a look at our tips on how to save fuel and drive economically.


If the environmental impact of a vehicle is a big deciding factor, then it’s important to note that electric vehicles are zero-emissions vehicles. This isn’t to say that there aren’t emissions emitted during the manufacturing process, however, over the lifetime of an electric vehicle, research suggests that in the UK emissions from electric vehicles are 30% lower than petrol vehicles.

On the road:

When it comes to the driving experience petrol vehicles are often able to reach and sustain higher speeds, however, they are much noisier when compared to quiet electric vehicles. EVs are also much quicker when it comes to acceleration.

Driving experience also often falls down to what your personal preference and needs are. Electric vehicles are great for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint. But there rumor that EVs are boring to drive isn’t true, how can a Jaguar be boring?

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