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Diesel Vs Hybrid - Which should you choose?

Should you buy a diesel or hybrid car? Here at Swansway Motor Group we are here to help you decide!

By 2035, the sale of new diesel vehicles will be stopped, meaning many people are choosing to make their first steps toward electric vehicles. If you are unsure whether to try something new and purchase a hybrid vehicle or stick to the familiarity of diesel, we’re here to help.

Take a look at our Diesel vs Hybrid comparison.

Purchase Price:

Currently, hybrid vehicles are more expensive to lease or purchase, this is due to the advanced technology included in hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are also newer to the market, and whilst there is plenty of new stock available and used stock becoming increasingly available, the used car market for diesel vehicles is much larger.

Running Costs:

There are a few differences between the running costs for diesel and hybrid vehicles. This is because both require fuel to run. A diesel vehicle would be more expensive to fuel than a petrol hybrid, however, there will be little difference between a diesel and a diesel hybrid.

Both types of vehicles have relatively low road tax, however, a hybrid vehicle will come out on top in this category. As road tax is based on the emissions a vehicle produces. Hybrid vehicles produce far fewer emissions than diesel vehicles.

When considering maintenance costs, there will again be little difference in the cost.


A big deciding factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle is the potential range.

The majority of a hybrid vehicle’s range will depend on the size of the fuel tank, this is the same for a diesel vehicle. In terms of electric range, plug-in hybrids have the highest range with an estimated 50 miles of power. The range can depend on your average mpg as well, this can be impacted by your driving style. Plug in hybrids are a great option if you do a lot of urban driving and short distances, as they can run of pure electric energy.


The emissions that vehicles produce are often the topic of conversation, especially with the rise of electric vehicles and the introduction of more Clean Air Zones. If emissions play a big part in your decision, then hybrid vehicles produce significantly fewer emissions when compared to diesel vehicles.

On the road:

Diesel vehicles are great for those drivers who often cover long distances, whereas a petrol hybrid vehicle would be ideal for urban driving.

With an estimated electric range plug-in hybrids offer more opportunities to experience the quieter drive promised by electric vehicles and are a great stepping stone into the world of electric.

Driving experience is all based on personal preference, as is choosing a vehicle. Finding which fuel suits you and your lifestyle is key to enjoying your vehicle. but you’ll find that any hybrid feels the same to drive as your regular diesel car.

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