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Diesel Vs Electric - Which should you choose?

Should you buy a Diesel or Electric car? Here at Swansway Motor Group we are here to help you decide!

By 2035, the sale of new diesel vehicles will be stopped, meaning many people are choosing to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Gathering information on the differences between diesel and all electric vehicles can be difficult, here at Swansway Motor Group, we’re here to guide you in our Diesel Vs Electric comparison.

Purchase Price:

At this moment in time, electric vehicles are more expensive to lease or purchase. But manufacturers are producing more EV models at a lower price rate all the time. In comparison, there is a large used market for diesel vehicles which makes buying your car cheaper, but in coming years we can expect to see EV’s join the second hand market so prices will decrease.

Running Costs:

Whilst diesel vehicles aren’t the most expensive vehicles to run, they do cost more than an electric vehicle.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to running a vehicle is the cost of fuel. This is where EVs shine, as it is considerably cheaper to charge an electric vehicle than it is to fill the tank of a diesel vehicle, especially as diesel is the most expensive fuel.

Running and maintaining an EV is also far cheaper, as they are exempt from road tax due to their zero emissions and as they have fewer moving parts that could break so cost less to maintain.


A big deciding factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle is the potential range.

An electric vehicle’s range will depend on the size of the battery, like a diesel vehicle depends on the fuel tank. Manufactures have focused on improving electric range over the years and now majority of EVs can travel at least 300 miles on full electric charge, with some going up to 500 miles. Diesel cars do have a better range overall but with the UK’s charging infostructure constantly improving, peoples range anxiety should start to settle.


The emissions that vehicles produce are often the topic of conversation, especially with the rise of electric vehicles and the introduction of more Clean Air Zones. If emissions play a big part in your decision, then an all electric vehicle is defiantly the way to go as they produce zero emissions.

On the road:

Diesel vehicles are great for those drivers who often cover long distances, whereas an electric vehicle would be ideal for urban driving.

Driving experience is all based on personal preference, as is choosing a vehicle. Finding which fuel suits you is key to enjoying your vehicle. But lots of electric vehicles have a serious amount of torque like the Audi e-tron GT quattro which goes 0-60mph in under three seconds, if your worried about the rumors that EVs are boring to drive.

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