Honda Jazz Accessories

Make your Jazz... even Jazz-ier!​

The Honda Jazz is already a pretty big car in a relatively small package. 

Thanks to innovative technology like it's Magic Seats, the Jazz can boast a reputation of definitely being more than just a compact runaround.  ​

But now with our range of stunning accessories you can make your Jazz even more of an all-rounder dedicated to your lifestyle. 

From styling packs right through to storage solutions, our range of accessories will ensure you fall even more in love with your Jazz!

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Premium Pack

Add even more exclusivity to your Jazz with a Premium Pack.

The Premium Pack is specifically manufactured to your Jazz and offers a range of super stylish, yet brilliantly practical genuine Honda additions to help really elevate the feel of your motor.

Included in this pack are great accessories like Elegance floor mats, side body trims, doorstep garnishes and front and rear mud guards.

With all that extra kit you'll be the envy of all your friends!

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Chrome Pack 

Some people will tell you that chocolate makes everything better, but they're wrong. Chrome makes everything better! 

With this genuine Honda Chrome Pack you can add some serious glitz and glamour to your ride. 

Turn heads everywhere with the addition of stylish touches of chrome to your vehicle in areas like the tailgate and windows. 

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Illumination Pack ​

​We know that your Jazz is already a pretty sleek and sophisticated place to be for anyone you pick up. 

But how about starting that sophisticated feeling right from the very first step someone takes into your car? 

With our Illumination Pack you can add elements like ambient footwell lighting and doorstep garnishes, to really scream sophistication at your passengers. But you shouldn't scream at them, that would really ruin the vibe. 

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​Boot tray

If you like getting out into nature in your spare time, or you just need to stop the shopping from rattling around in your boot. 

Then this anti-slip, waterproof boot tray, complete with divider is perfect for helping to sort your storage area.

Specifically designed to fit your Honda, this tray prevents dirt and grime from spreading throughout your car and it's raised divider edges mean your luggage stays in place from walking boots to broccoli!

Roof Rack

Want to fit even more into your family getaways? 

Then this strong and secure roof rack is perfect for allowing you to go mad the next time you pack, safe in the knowledge you'll have plenty of storage options. 

The roof rack has a load capacity of 35kg and comes complete with four locks. 

Armrest Console 

Not all extra storage options offer a plethora of space or help categorise your weekly shop. But sometimes you just needed that little bit of subtle help. 

That's where the armrest console comes into it's own. The black console not only offers cute storage options it also provides a space for your elbow to relax.

The kit has a sliding roof and come with an ACC/USB connection decoration.

Detachable Towbar*

Sometimes you need the option to be able to take more things with you. 

With the detachable towbar you can ensure you're ready for anything on your next getaway. With a maximum towing capacity of 1,000kg and a vertical weight limit of 95kgs the detachable offers you a veritable ocean of storage space. 

Add that to the space which can be created by the Magic Seat technology and you'll have a pretty well equipped holiday! 

One of the best things about the detachable towbar is that you can remove the bar whenever you need to! So if you want to get rid of it and keep that suave Honda exterior, you can! 

*A fixed towbar is also available

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These 15" alloys, available in this stunning "Gunpowder Black" colour, are sure to elevate the look of your motor and establish it as the number one attention-grabber in town!

Also available in a design which feature Rombo Silver windows and diamond cur A-surface complete with shiny clear coat., 

Tailgate Spoiler

Add even more sports performance and cutting edge to your Jazz with the addition of a super sporty spoiler! 

Available in a range of colours this tailgate addition seems to slip effortlessly into place and fully integrates with the rear of your car. 



Doorstep garnishes 

Available as part of the Illumination Pack, the doorstep garnishes add a flourish of ​brilliance to an often neglected area of your car.

Not only do these stainless steel accessories sharpen up your motor right from the first impression, they also protect your door sills from marks and scratches

Side Body Trims

With these eye-catching additions to your Jazz you could not only add some sports performance aesthetics, but also further protection too. 

It's the perfect accessory for adding even more style and practicality to your motor. 


Tailgate strap

Make closing your tailgate even easier. Forget about stretching and struggling to grab the handle. with this neat strap complimenting the inner handle closing the tailgate is a breeze.

LED Room Lights

Make sure you have the best lights possible in your cab. Don't worry about fumbling around in the dark after that coin you dropped, with our LED lights you get an even brighter cleaner light.

Elegance Floor Mats

​Making sure your car's floor remains showroom fresh can be something of chore, and a tough one at that! But with our fitted tufted mats featuring the Jazz emblem you can bring luxury to keeping your motor clean.


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