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Honda Civic Accessories

Take your Civic into overdrive with some seriously sweet accessories

Walk the line!

Just because you've got that stunning Honda Civic outside your house it doesn't mean that's the best it can get, you could make your Civic even better just by making it part of a lineage!

There are three lines available including Black, Orange or Silver. Each line comes with a selection of accessories to help you choose which line works best for your lifestyle. But whichever line you elect to tow you can be sue you'll have a stunning Civic at the end of it!

Included in the Black Line package you get: Front Skirt, Side Skirts, Rear Diffuser and Mirror Caps.

Included in the Bronze Line is: Front Skirt, Side Skirts,Rear Diffuser, front and Mirror Caps.

The Red Line is the latest edition in the sporty Civic family. Featuring the Rally Red front skirt, the mirror caps, the side skirts, the rear diffuser and front & rear bumper decorations. Put all this together and you've got a pretty impressive Honda!

honda civic bronze line
honda civic red line
honda civic silver line

Keep it sporty - Alloys

Awesome alloys are synonymous will superb sports performance, which is why we have a great selection for the Civic.

  • 18" CI1801 Complete Wheels (top left in image) finished in Gunpowder Black these diamond cut alloys feature a shiny clearcoat and a chrome signature 'H'

  • 18" CI1803 Complete Wheels (top right) A-surface with shiny clearcoat and Frostbite Silver windows

  • 18" CI1805 Complete Wheels (bottom left) A-surface with matte clearcoat and Infinite Bronze windows

  • 18" CI1804 Complete Wheels (bottom right) A-surface with shiny clearcoat and Gunpowder Black windows

honda alloy wheels available


Your Civic is designed to be the sporty belle of the ball wherever it roams. So make sure you keep those sporty accents coming all over your Civic.

With this genuine Honda skirts you can ensure your Civic commands the attention it deserves.

  • Side body trims (polished metal)

  • Window decorations

Found the accessory that will take your Civic into the stratosphere? Then let our teams know about it!

civic fog lights

Keep it clean!

  • Boot sill decorations - Just because the boot is where you throw all your miscellaneous belongings, shopping or muddy & sweaty sports kit doesn't mean you should neglect it!
  • Boot Mat Sport - It's not just your boot sill that bears the brunt of the luggage compartment muck. Your carpets see their fair share too.

  • Dog Guard - It's not just inanimate objects like shopping and clothes that can bung up your boot space, Fido can make his presence known too! But if you want to keep your pooch away from your passengers, then this guard is perfect, fitting snugly between rear seat back and roof interio​r it'll keep your humans and hounds at a safe distance.

  • Boot tray with dividers - Moving away from boot cleanliness and more into organisation, the boot tray complete with dividers is ideal for keeping your cargo in its rightful place. This waterproof, anti-slip boot tray, with raised edges and "Civic" logo, will also protect the boot from dirt and scratches.​

  • Boot Net - Less steadfast than the boot tray with dividers, but no less helpful! The boot net is a simpler way to keep all your eggs in one basket, or net, as it were. The hammock-style boot net keeps cargo upright and securely in place.

Keep your interior popping!

  • Illuminated Doorstep Garnishes - Every element of your Civic should be taken care of and scream awesomeness! Which is where we can help you with the addition of some illuminated door sill garnishes. Choose from either cool blue or menacing red illuminated "Civic" logo which will show in the sill alongside a brushed stainless steel trim to protect from scratches and scuffs. Or if you select the equally sleek non-illuminated doorstep garnish. You'll get all the benefits of the protective plates without the illumination. 

  • Door Lining Illumination - Much the same as the doorstep garnishes, door lining illumination is available in either blue or red colouration and continues to add that subtle, sleek & sporty theme to your Civic from the moment you enter your car. 

  • Ambient Front Footlight - Keep the illumination theme rolling throughout your car. With the addition of this ambient lighting you can give your Honda whatever vibe your feeling. From cool blue to menacing red, whichever way your feeling your Civic will reflect it!

Floor Mats

Make sure your Civic's carpets remain as pristine as the day you brought it home! With our range of genuine Honda floor mats you can ensure your floor stays showroom fresh!

With our lipped rubber mats you get durable, yet easy to clean mats which feature raised edges and the "Civic" logo. Whereas the Elegance mats are made from tufted carpet and have the "Civic" logo woven in for further durability.

  • Front Lipped Rubber Mats

  • Elegance Floor Mats

Precious Cargo?

Your Civic is perfect helping get the whole family to where you need to be, not matter the age!  With our range of accessories you can ensure your little cherubs are transported in style! With our range of child friendly seats, booster seats and tech. 

There's nothing worse than making a long journey and knowing that your child isn't comfortable. So make the back of your Civic the lap of luxury for them! You can even get the tablet set u with their favourite show or movie. 

  • Baby-Safe ISOFIX Base

  • Childseat Group 0+ Baby-Safe Plus
  • Childseat Group 1 Duo Plus
  • Tablet holder Kit

Keep adventuring!

  • Roof Rack - Expand your Civic's carrying capacity, and with it, your adventure capacity! This strong and secure roof rack includes four locks and has a maximum hold of 30kg. ​

  • Ski and Snowboard Attachment - Fancy hitting the slopes? Well now you don't have to come up with some other elaborate way of getting your skis to the destination. This attachment has space for 2 sets of skis or 1 snowboard

  •  Wireless Charger - Make sure you stay completely connected when you're on the road. There's nothing worse than setting off on a trip and your Sat Nav & tunes cutting out because your phone's got no juice left!

  •  Coat Hanger Kit - Keep your clothes as smart as the moment you pulled them out of the wardrobe. Our coat hanger kit fits easily to the headrest base. So you can forget about your jackets getting creased on the back seat.


When it comes to towbars, you have a choice to make. You can select from either a fixed or detachable towbar. So if your the type that's always lugging a load, then the fixed bar is probably the one for you. But if your thinking that you love the aesthetic of your Civic just as it is without adding to it, then you can go for the detachable version. This way you'll get all the practicality of a towbar without the permanent fixture to your car!

  • Fixed Towbar -

  • Detachable Towbar -


Get out there and let adventure commence, Honda are working with Thule to be able to bring you the very best in mobile storage solutions.

So you can stop worrying about how you're going to get it all in the car and start living!​


Bicycle Carrier (Coach)

Don't worry about heading further afield for your family bike rides any more.

This easy to install carrier comes with either a tilt or fold function so that you can easily access the boot for other storage. It also comes with an anti-theft locking system. It also comes with a 13-pin connector.*

 *Requires a 13-pin trailer harness


Available in 3 different sizes and colours, the Thule Roofbox is ideal for giving you as much storage space as you want when it comes to getting ready for your big trip.

Whether you heading to camp under the stars, or climb a rock face, or you just want to chill with a picnic in the park, there's definitely a roofbox to help you.

  • Black 320L roof box

  • Grey 400L roof box

  • Black 410L roof box

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