White Honda ZR-V with Aero Pack

Honda Genuine Accessory Packs

What if we told you that you could love your Honda even more?

Illumination Pack

The Illumination Pack is designed to turn your car into a paradise of ambient light. Just think of this as your gateway to being completely zen on the roads.

The pack includes blue front footlight, illuminated door sill trims and blue lining illuminations which make it easier to spot your car from the exterior too.

  • Civic
  • CR-V
  • HR-V
  • Type-R

Illumination Sport Pack

We love a good sport addition to an accessory pack, it is essentially your chance to make your car look meaner. With the Illumination Sport Pack you could make it look as though the floor of your car leads straight into the bowels of hell!

With red front footlight, illuminated door sill trims and red lining illuminations

  • Civic

Line Packs

Have it your way with either the Black, Red or Bronze Line Packs. These packs change front and side skirt, mirror caps, rear diffuser and interior dash accent to really make your motor stand out.

If you weren't getting enough attention before, you definitely will now!

  • Civic Black
  • Civic Bronze
  • Civic Red

Cargo Pack

If you're constantly on the road, living out of a suitcase like some kind of businessman nomad. Then the Cargo Pack is the perfect thing to add to your Civic.

With this brilliant pack you can get a boot tray with complete divider to help keep your luggage organised. Because you might be on the road, but you're not an animal.

The pack also includes lipped rubber mats and protective boot decorations.

  • Civic
  • CR-V
  • HR-V
  • Jazz
3 different types of honda civic packs available

Tow Bars

With our tow bar packs you can choose whether you want to have a fixed or detachable accessory. The bar, fitted to the rears, is perfect for towing your trailer or caravan. Maximum capacity is 1400kg & vertical Capacity is 75kg.

Fog Lights Kit

Fog lights are a safety essential. Plus they can look really cool on your motor.

Our LED fog lights will cut through the gloom, making the Fog Lights kit a must have for winter!

Premium Pack

The Premium is available to CVT or manual transmission cars and is made up of a range of tailor made specific to your Honda.

You get everything in this pack from floor carpets and side body trims to doorstep garnishes and mud guards.

It's basically the works for your motor and the additions are available in a range of colours to match your Honda.

Honda HR-V interior from driver window

HR-V Packs

Sports Pack

Give your SUV a more sophisticated and dynamic look with a distinguished sporty look with a combination of colour and chrome accessories.

Obscura Black Pack

Give your car a sporty and expressive character by combining black and body-coloured accessories.

Civic Type-R ​Packs 

Carbon Exterior

The Carbon Exterior Pack is the perfect selection for the motoring purists, it would also help if you had a penchant for carbon. Included in the pack is carbon mirror caps, carbon b-pillar decorations, carbon wing spoiler and the carbon rear diffuser

Carbon Interior

Add even more sporty accents to your Type-R with a carbon interior. The pack contains carbon interior panels and door sills. ​

Dog Accessory Car Packs

Treat your furry friend with the newly launched accessory pack for dogs. Designed to protect your car and keep your dog safe during car journeys, the new Honda dog pack includes a dog guard, boot mats and a paintwork-protecting boot step protector.

This pack is available across most of the Honda range (except the Honda e) and can be retrofitted to some older models.

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