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BYD Finance Offers

Looking to drive a next-level BYD electric cars for a price that suits you?

Car Finance with BYD

Choosing a Solutions Personal Contract Plan, can help you get behind the wheel of the BYD you’ve set your sights on. Discover more about BYD Finance Offers and get in touch for a quote.

Is PCP Car Finance on a BYD right for you?

  • Choose the length of agreement and monthly payment that suits you
  • Fixed interest rates and monthly payments
  • A variety of options when the agreement comes to an end

What is PCP Car Finance and should I consider it when purchasing a new BYD?

A Personal Contract Purchase, or PCP finance deal is a flexible way to purchase a brand-new BYD car. This type of finance allows you to choose the deposit and monthly payment making it a more convenient way to purchase a car. There will be an annual mileage limit that you will need to stick to should you wish to hand the car back after the agreement.

When the PCP agreement comes to an end, you will have a few options. You can either buy the car, by paying the optional final payment or you can return the car and purchase another new BYD car!

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