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About BYD Seal

The SEAL came to the UK late 2023 and is the third BYD model to arrive in the United Kingdom. It’s rival to the likes of a Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 and boasts an X-shaped front end that exudes sportiness and style.

Why Buy a used BYD SEAL?

  • Eco-Friendly Drive: The SEAL offers a cutting-edge electric powertrain, significantly reducing carbon footprint compared to traditional combustion engines.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Electric vehicles, such as a BYD Seal, generally require less maintenance than their petrol or diesel counterparts, meaning long-term savings.
  • High Resale Value: The growing demand for EVs suggests that models like the BYD Seal are likely to retain their value better over time compared to traditional vehicles.

Our selection of BYD SEAL vehicles are inspected to ensure you receive quality and reliability at a competitive price.

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What are the finance options on the BYD Seal?

Getting a used BYD SEAL on finance is a flexible way to get the car you’ve always wanted.

You can tailor your finance plan to suit you and your budget, there are three main finance agreements to choose from, Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), choosing which finance agreement to take out will depend on your circumstances and what you want to do with your car at the end of the agreement.

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What’s is the difference between a new and used BYD SEAL?

Used SEALs are hard to come by, BYD is a relatively new brand to the industry so there are less second hand BYD SEALs available to purchase. As more and more used SEAL cars become available on the second hand market, we expect that they'll cost less than buying a brand new SEAL.

Does any warranty come with a used BYD SEAL?

All used BYD SEAL cars come with the remainder of the manufacturer warranty, so depending on how old your SEAL is when you buy it will determine how much warranty (if any) you have remaining. All new BYD cars come with basic cover for 6 years or 93,750 miles, whichever comes first, with an impressive 8 years or 125,000 miles battery warranty.

What factors influence the price of a BYD SEAL?

As with any car, the better you take care of your BYD SEAL, the higher the value that it will hold. The condition of your vehicle is one of the key factors that affects your cars value, general wear and tear is to be expected, but any scratches or dents are worth getting fixed if you decide to sell your BYD SEAL.

The mileage on your vehicle will also affect the price, a BYD that has done more miles will hold less value that one which has only ever done short journeys. As the BYD SEAL was only released at the back end of 2023, the age of the vehicle won’t affect the price your SEAL is worth just yet.


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