Which are the best cars for anglers?

if you're looking for the ultimate fishermans' friend then you need to be loking at cars, and vans, which fall into the follwing sectors:

  • Vans - space for tackle and friends - Volkswagen Transporter T6 kombi
  • SUV 4x4 - perfect for muddy tracks and wet fields - Land Rover Discovery
  • Campervan - Save on B&B bills, sleepover on the spot - Volkswagen California
  • Estate Car - practical for family and fishing - Peugeot 308 SW
  • MPV - fully flexible interiors - Citroën Berlingo Multispace

Which car should you choose if you're a keen fisherman?

Dependent on where you choose to fish you may be looking at off-road capability for un-made roads or muddy tracks; you’ll certainly be looking for plenty of space to store your gear and if you’re fishing with friends, then you’ll need space and seating.

All this and you’ll need it to be practical for non-fishing activities too, commuting, supermarket trips, school runs etc.

So, which cars should you be looking at?

Man fishing in pond


From a compact van such as the Volkswagen Caddy, up to a Volkswagen Transporter T6, today’s vans are much more like cars and they can accommodate the keenest fisherman’s tackle and in the case of the VW Transporter T6 kombi, all your fisherman’s friends too!

The larger vans are great for your carrying your tackle and your friends, but remember, if you’re thinking of going off the beaten track, a van may not be your best option unless, of course, you opt for the Volkswagen Transporter T6 kombi 4Motion, which adds 4 wheel drive to its 5 seats and multiple storage areas.

Workman opening Volkswagen Transporter door

SUV – 4x4

Not all SUV are created equal and for a keen fisherman’s needs, you need to ensure that the SUV you choose doesn’t just look like a 4x4, but actually does have 4 wheel drive.

The undisputed king of the 4 x 4 is Land Rover and their latest Defender is not only a joy to look at, but offers a great combination of luxury, seats and tackle space. You may find yourself pressed into service rescuing less fortunate anglers from muddy fields and banks, but you’ll be doing it in style.



A practical option, not only to transport your tackle and your chums, but to sleepover and save yourself the B&B bills. The great thing about the Volkswagen California, whether you choose the Ocean or Beach version, it’s compact enough for everyday life, at the same as offering a really comfortable night’s sleep for four adults.

There’s no end of place the VW California can take you, extending your fishing possibilities to Europe and beyond.

volkswagen california ocean and coast parked next to one another


Just recently estate cars have gone out of favour, with people choosing the currently trendy SUV above the more traditional estate car shaped formula, but, as a fisherman you’d do well to consider an estate car, as in general the storage they offer can be more usable and practical than in an SUV.

Make sure you consider the usable space when one or both rear seats are dropped; many estates are now just as smart as the hatchbacks or saloons they’re derived from and they make a brilliant family car. Take the Peugeot 308 SW, there’s no doubt it’s a really good-looking car, but at first glance it may appear too small.

Appearance can be deceptive though and it offers a 608 litre boot with the back seats still in use and a whopping 1,634 litres when the seats are dropped. The perfect compromise car.

Peugeot 308 SW parked and charging


Along with estate cars, the MPV sector has lost out to the current vogue for SUV; don’t dismiss the MPV though as they have much to recommend them, with the ability to configure the interior in many different ways.

Take the Peugeot Traveller, which offers great flexibility with its 3 independent rear seats. There’s 1500 litres of boot space even with people, drop row 2 and 3 and you have a cavernous 4,900 litres of storage space to play with.

Peugeot Traveller driving down the road



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