But getting your vehicle serviced is vital for many reasons, most notably for the safety of the vehicle, its fuel efficiency, the general smooth running of the car or van, as well as maintaining high resale value.

But getting your car serviced needn’t be something that you need to put off due to financial constraints. By taking out a monthly service plan, you can spread the cost of your service across the entire year. That will mean that your small monthly direct debit will come out of your account without making a dent in your spare cash.

Why Get A Service Plan?

You may ask yourself, why get a service plan? The answers to this question are quite simple. When it comes to servicing your vehicle, it is essential to ask what the major issues that affect modern cars are?

Many things can go wrong with a vehicle over its lifespan; these will range from:

  • General wear-and-tear - Consumable parts such as brakes and tires degrading through natural wear-and-tear. By taking your vehicle in for a service, we will be able to identify the early signs of problems in these areas before they become a Hazzard.
  • There may be safety concerns with problems that emerge in your vehicle. - Safety is obviously a primary concern with all vehicles, and many problems that emerge go unnoticed if they do not affect the general running of the car or van. Having your car regularly serviced can help to identify emerging issues and can help to minimize this type of problem affecting your vehicle.
  • Issues with the vehicle’s engine can emerge when a car is not serviced regularly - Having your oil and filters changed on a regular basis is vital as your engine needs to be lubricated fully to stop it from seizing up. When an engine is neglected, and oil changes are not carried out, then it can cause fatal problems for any vehicle.
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What Are The Benefits of Getting A Service Plan?

There are a number of excellent service plan benefits that you will get when you take out your plan today.

  • Spread The Cost Of Servicing - Why pay for your servicing costs all at once when you can break down the payments over the whole year? Service plans allow you to pay in small instalments in a way that provides you with the most budget effective ways to get your car serviced. Payments are often so low each month that you will barely notice the direct debit leaving your bank account. If you do want to pay the entire cost of your plan up front and outright, this is something that you can also do too.
  • Inflation Proofed Service Plan Pricing - Firstly, it is essential to realize that the cost of your service plan, when taken out now, will be inflation-proof. That means that, although the actual cost of servicing may arise due to external factors such as changes in the economy, or because of rises in wages ,and the cost of parts; if you have signed up for a service plan, the price you pay today will be the price that you will continue to pay going forward.
  • Nothing To Pay On The Day - You’ll get a reminder that your vehicle is due in for its service, and then when you take it in, there will be nothing that you will need to pay. Unexpected bills can be somewhat of a nightmare to have to deal with, but you won’t have to worry about having to stump up to pay for your servicing when it becomes due, and you will not have to stump up for anything unexpected either.
  • Buy Your Service Plan Online - It is straightforward to set up your service plan, and you can do this online within a few short minutes. This will save you the need to go out and set the service plan up in person with the garage.

Buy a service plan online today!

  • Greater Vehicle Safety - One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to taking out a service plan is that you will get enhanced vehicle safety as a result. A service may pick up on emerging problems long before you ever will. This will help to give you the peace of mind that you need as the vehicle owner and driver.

What Happens To Your Service Plan In Your Circumstances Change?

Of course, when it comes to owning a car, things change. You may decide to upgrade to a newer model, or you may need to make a change for personal or work-related reasons. The fact of the matter is that people change their vehicles. If that is the case, then your current plan can be transferred onto your new vehicle very easily.

Similarly, people may decide to give up their vehicle altogether and not replace it. If you are in a situation where you no longer need your vehicles servicing plan, then you can get in touch and cancel this.

Why You Need A Service Plan

With the evident benefits to vehicle safety, coupled with the ongoing health and financial value to the car, taking our a service plan and paying for it upfront, or in easy to manage monthly instalments is a sound idea. And one that will ensure your car is always well-maintained.



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