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It's not rocket science, just clear and simple service plans.

A service plan for your Honda from Swansway Honda couldn’t be simpler.

Service Plans Overview

5 Year Service Plan: Save on 5 years of servicing with options to enhance with an additional customer car package, is eligible for all powertrains electric, petrol and diesel.

1st Year Service: Replacing oil and filters and checking brakes, lights and other fluid levels. Costs from £200- £300 includes Honda e and other electric and hybrid models.

2nd Year Service: Everything in the 1st year service plus pollen and dust filter, drive belt inspection and fluid replacement. Costs from £250 - £370 includes Honda e and other electric and hybrid models.

3rd Year Service: Everything in the 1st year plus replacement of brake fluid, fuel filter ( diesel models) and air filter. Costs from £275 - £350 includes Honda e and other electric and hybrid models.

Honda 12: 35 check inspection which includes checking fluid levels, suspension, tyres, lights and other electricals and more. Costs from £235 - £250 includes Honda e and other electric and hybrid models.

Honda 12 +: Includes 35 check inspection from Honda 12 plus replacing the air filter, cabin filter and brake fluid. Costs from £260 - £360 includes Honda e and other electric and hybrid models.

5 years' servicing on your brand new Honda from only £799*

Substantial savings on five years’ worth of servicing plus peace of mind with one less thing to worry about.


  • All Honda models: £799

Enhance your 5 year service plan with the customer care package for an additional £399 to include the Extended Guarantee and Hondacare Assistance packages.

Extended Guarantee

Starts when your three year/90,000 mile (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty finishes, giving you a total of five years' cover.**

Hondacare Assistance

Starts with your Extended Guarantee, giving you an additional two years' cover, providing a total of five years' UK and European Hondacare Breakdown and Roadside Assistance.**

What are the benefits of the Honda 5 Servicing Plan?

  • One upfront payment - One upfront payment that can be added to Honda Finance payments if preferred.
  • No Card Fees - No additional cost for using a direct debit or credit card.
  • Today’s Pricing - Protects you against inflation, service costs are set at today’s prices.
  • No Delay - As it is already paid for, there is no need to delay servicing due to other financial commitments,
  • Resale Value - If you decide to sell or upgrade your Honda, the FIVE Service Plan stays with the car which can improve the resale value.
  • Expertise - All Services are carried out by Honda-trained technicians, using the latest technology and equipment.
  • Genuine Parts - Only genuine Honda parts are used.
  • Service Schedule - This plan follows the Honda manufacturer’s service schedule.
  • All Powertrains Covered - Whether your car is Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid or Electric. The Honda Five Service plan has you covered!

Enquire about Honda Five

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Honda tailored service plan

Freedom to tailor your plan to your needs and budget for cars more than 8 months old or with more than 8,000 miles on the clock.

What you’ll get:

  • A visual inspection
  • Freedom to choose the length of your plan from 1 - 4 years
  • Flexible service types over the lifetime of your plan
  • A choice of payment options

1st year Service - What’s included?

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect front and rear brakes (% wear)
  • Check and adjust parking brake
  • Check lights and alignment
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Carry out visual check of: - tie-rods - steering & driveshaft boots - suspension components - brake hose and lines (including ABS) - exhaust system - fuel lines - vehicle corrosion.
  • Check tyre condition - pressure & wear (report mm)
  • Check expiration date for TRK
  • Test drive (noise, stability, dashboard operation), Check battery and record midtronics result
  • Check wipers


  • Petrol & Hybrid (excluding Type R, Honda e,NSX and S2000) cost £285
  • Type R cost £300
  • Honda e cost £200

12,500 miles/12 months

SvRS Event - AB

Enquire about a Honda 1st Service

2nd year Service - What’s included?

Everything from your 1st year service plus:

  • Replace dust and pollen filter
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Replace transmission fluid (cvt models only)
  • Replace air filter element (Insight only)


  • Petrol & Hybrid (excluding Type R, Honda e,NSX and S2000) cost £355
  • Type R cost £370
  • Honda e cost £250

25,000 miles/24 months

SvRS Event - AB or AB23 (cvt models) or AB28 (Insight)

Enquire about a Honda 2nd Service

3rd year Service - What’s included?

Everything from your 1st year service plus:

  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace air filter element (not Insight)
  • Replace fuel filter (diesel models only)


  • Petrol & Hybrid (excluding Type R, Honda e,NSX and S2000) cost £335
  • Type R cost £350
  • Honda e cost £275

37,500 miles/36 months

SvRS Event - AB78 or AB478 (diesel models only)

Enquire about a Honda 3rd Service

Honda 12 + - What’s included?

All 35 checks in the Honda 12, plus we will:

  • Replace air filter
  • Replace enhanced cabin filter
  • Replace brake fluid


  • Petrol & Hybrid (excluding Type R and Honda e) cost £350
  • Type R cost £365
  • Honda e cost £265

Enquire about a Honda 12+ Service

Honda 12 - What’s included?

  • Note any body damage
  • Fit car protection kit
  • Check operation of all ights, horn, wipers and windscreen washers
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Drain and refill engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter and sump washer
  • Inspect brake pipes and fuel lines, exhaust system, front and rear brake pads % wear
  • Remove brake drums if required
  • Inspect brake discs, cooling system for leaks, auxiliary drive belts
  • Check antifreeze content
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Check battery condition - Midtronics Tester
  • Inspect tyres and set pressures
  • Report on tyre tread depth (mm)
  • Check front and rear suspension
  • Check wheel bearings,driveshaft and gaiters, track rod ends and ball joints, check and adjust handbrake.
  • Road test brakes, Road test steering, Road test suspension, Road test engine and transmissions, Road test heating system, Road test check for abnormal noises
  • Complete safety health check
  • Note any additional work required, Inspect underbody for corrosion


You can also get additional cover in a Tailored Service Plan

Discover the Honda maintenance offering and prices

To make get your tailored Honda service contact one of our Honda dealerships for the options and pricing. Call on 03308 387415 or enquire with our form below.

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Honda 5 Service Plan Terms and Conditions:

*‘FIVE’ five years' Servicing includes: All scheduled servicing, as detailed in the vehicle service book, will be covered for 5 years from the date of registration or 62,500 miles - whichever comes first. The ‘FIVE’ servicing product is optional. Plan price – means the cost not exceeding £799 (inc. VAT) for all eligible models. It is available to retail, finance, or non-finance customers. ‘FIVE’ servicing is not available for business customers. Please note that should you sell the vehicle during the period of cover; the package remains with the vehicle. ‘FIVE’ servicing is subject to our terms and conditions which are available     

**For full details of the Extended Guarantee and Hondacare Assistance, including full terms and conditions, please visit

◊No Card Fees – No credit or debit fees will be added for the FIVE Service Plan. Any other items purchased at the same time may be subject to fees.   †The FIVE Service Plans do not cover the Honda NSX.

†The FIVE Service Plans do not cover Honda electric vehicles.

▽Loan cars are subject to the hire company's terms and conditions which may include age limitations, insurance and driving convictions. You can stop receiving marketing material from us at any time by contacting us using one of the following methods: 1. By sending an email to [email protected] specifying you wish to withdraw consent; 2. By writing to the Database Manager, Honda (UK), Cain Road, Bracknell RG12 1HL. For full details of our privacy notice, please visit

Honda Tailored Service Plan Terms & Conditions

Prices in the above table are national recommended prices available at participating dealers only.

* Add Gearbox oil change for CVT Vehicles only. Add Diesel Fuel Filter change at either 24 months or 36 months as applicable

**Add valve clearance adjustment for Civic Type-R (FK8) at 75,000 mile service

*Prices applicable from the 01 July 2023

All the above prices exclude NSX Models

^A charge will apply for models with two Pollen Filters

^^Does not apply to 9 Speed Diesel Automatic