The Volkswagen I.D Range

Volkswagen’s electric vehicles are all based within the wider ‘ID’ sub-brand, which differentiates them from the rest of the Volkswagen range. 

These days, there’s something for everyone. But out of the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 - Volkswagen’s current EV offering - what should you pick? Here, we compare what each has to offer. 


Range is, of course, a key consideration with electric cars. Fortunately, the ID range of vehicles is equipped with a variety of battery options but they all manage to deliver a good amount of miles in between trips to the plug. All models within the ID range also sit on the same MEB platform, so you’ll notice some similarities between the three cars here.

The ID.3 is able to return a respectable 343 miles in its biggest-battery form, while you’ll get 328 miles in the ID.4. The ID.5, which is similar in size to the ID.4, will manage up to 327 miles from a single charge, too.

Blue Volkswagen ID.3 rear

Boot space

The three cars here are based on a platform that is designed to maximise both luggage room and interior space. It’s why this trio is able to return a bit more boot space than you might think.

Even the compact ID.3 delivers 385 litres of room - slightly more than you’ll find in the Golf, in fact - while the ID.4 builds on this considerably with its 543-litre load area. There’s just a touch more space in the ID.5, too, at 549 litres overall.

Red Volkswagen ID.5 front


All three of the cars here take a slightly different approach to design. The ID.3 is, after all, a more conventional hatchback built in a similar fashion to the Golf; you’ve got doors which open nice and wide and there’s a boot which is easy to access. However, the ID.3 does take a slightly more futuristic approach and incorporates a more recognisable ‘face’ than the Golf does.

The ID.4, meanwhile, is more of a classic SUV. It’s upright and this, as a result, gives a clearer view of the road ahead and makes it more appealing to people who like to sit a little higher up. Switch to the ID.5 and you’ll see a more coupe-inspired approach taken with the ID.4’s design; it’s more swept-back and brings a little more character as a result.

Volkswagen ID.4 interior


Volkswagen has also established a new performance arm of ID, called GTX. It’s essentially designed to add a little extra go-faster appeal to this line-up of electric cars through uprated power and some suspension tweaks, not to mention additional equipment.

Currently, you can only get the ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX - there’s no ID.3 GTX, just yet. However, with the models that are available, you’re getting a clever all-wheel-drive system courtesy of two electric motors - one mounted on each axle. This brings really quick acceleration as well as extra security when the roads get slippery.

Red Volkswagen ID.5 rear



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