There’s a tendency to focus on the front seats in a car. And why wouldn’t there be? After all, the car’s owner is usually its main driver, and so it makes perfect sense to buy a car that’s good to drive, comfortable to sit in and spacious up front.

But there are many people who use their back seats regularly, whether that be to ferry children, relatives, or even paying customers to and from their destinations. For those people, it’s the rear pews that matter.

Rear seats are especially important in the livery service trade, where customers will pay big bucks to be chauffeured here and there. These passengers expect the finest in comfort, space, and refinement – and some also require top-end technology to enable them to keep connected on the move.

These are the best cars you can buy now for those travelling in the rear…

Skoda Superb

The Superb is legendary in the Volkswagen Group for its rear legroom. Though it’s ostensibly based on the same underpinnings as the humble VW Golf, it’s been stretched and fettled to provide space for even the very lankiest passengers to stretch out.

A comfortable ride thanks to a long wheelbase as well as high-quality interior fittings ensure that the rear seats are the place to be in this car. It’s certainly good enough for dignitaries – the Czech president has one as his personal transport.

Red Skoda Superb driving on a road

Audi A8

If the Skoda badge isn’t quite premium enough for you but you’d like to stay within the VW Group, the Audi A8 is the car for you. Even regular-wheelbase models are very accommodating in the rear, though for true comfort, long-wheelbase models are the way to go.

The A8’s packed with the very latest tech, including mild-hybrid powertrains and adaptive suspension, so the important folk in the rear will enjoy refinement and ride comfort in equal measure.

Audi A8 driving down the road

Honda Jazz

The dinky Jazz is amazingly roomy inside for such a small car, and its trademark ‘magic seats’ in the rear are enough to earn it a place on this list.

It’s a true marvel of packaging, and few superminis will allow tall adults to stretch out quite so much as the Jazz does. As for presence? Well, you’ll certainly fly under the radar…

Red Honda Jazz driving on the motorway

Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery offers a considerable amount of luxury, though admittedly those who want the most presence from their livery service would do better with a Range Rover. However, for family transport, there’s little better.

Key to the Discovery’s success is its stacked ‘stadium’-style seating – the middle row is situated higher than the front, and the rear higher than the middle. This ensures passengers all get easy access and a fantastic view out of the car’s enormous windows.

Silver Land Rover Discovery exterior side parked

SsangYong Turismo

We’re dropping down to earth with an audible thud to suggest the sub-£20k SsangYong Turismo but hear us out – this Brobdingnagian bruiser is actually a fine choice for those travelling in the rear.

It’s all down to size. The Turismo’s huge body contains seven genuinely adult-sized seats – one of very few MPVs to do so. Those in the middle row get individual captain’s chairs with twin armrests too, plus there’s a great view out courtesy of enormous rear windows. Just so long as you get into this car under cover of darkness, you’ll love it.

SsangYong Turismo

Lexus LS

Want something a bit different to the German norm for your luxury limo? The Lexus LS could be for you. It mates hybrid powertrains – ideal for the CEO with a conscience – to a truly avantgarde interior.

The chauffeur might not be best pleased with the slightly unfathomable infotainment up front, but passengers in the rear will enjoy cavernous legroom, silk inserts on the door panels and extendable footrests.

lexus LS



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