We've picked out the best cars if you're a long-distance driver

If you’re a long-distance driver then you’ve got a rather set number of requirements for a new car. You need it to be comfortable, refined and quiet to ensure that those long jaunts across the country don’t take their toll on you. Space is good to have too, as is a well-appointed cabin. Luckily, there are several cars which fit the bill - and we’ve picked them out.

Skoda Octavia

It’s actually quite hard to find fault in the new Skoda Octavia.

It’s effortlessly comfortable, easy to live with, refined, economical and - in our eyes at least - good to look at too. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, but it certainly seems to be the case with the latest Octavia.

Available in either hatchback or estate form it’s impressively practical while a range of refined engines will help the miles to fly by. 

white skoda octavia estate driving down the road next to trees and a field

Jaguar F-Pace

Given the rising popularity of SUVs, it’ll come as little surprise that there’s one in this list.

Jaguar’s F-Pace is a surprisingly comfortable option, yet is a car which manages to deliver a sporty drive - ideal for when you’re off the motorway and onto some more enjoyable roads.

Packed with tech and well-styled too, the F-Pace is a car which will prove to be a great partner on long-distance drives.

Find out more about the Jaguar F-Pace

Side view of white Jaguar F Pace on driveway

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is one of the go-to contenders in this segment and has been for some time.

Capable of delivering a premium experience as well as a great level of spaciousness, the A6 - in either saloon or estate form - is a real all-rounder.

With a cabin which is both high-tech and comfortable at the same time, the A6 is a car that will be quite happy travelling up and down the country.

Browse Audi A6 Models

Audi A6 Avant rear angle with boot open

Peugeot 508 SW

The long-distance segment is usually one dominated by premium options, but just bear with us. The Peugeot 508 SW is a car which,delivers a ride which manages to be more comfortable than other vehicles.

It’s also spacious, practical and packed with standard equipment - what’s not to like?

Discover The Peugeot 508 SW

peugeot 508 sw driving on a road

Land Rover Discovery

Even though the headlines have been dominated by the arrival of the new Defender, Land Rover’s Discovery is a car which still needs considering if you’re after a comfortable long-distance cruiser. It benefits from a well-judged ride, while the seats inside are comfortable and armchair-like. It’s got a range of efficient engines to accompany it too, while space for seven means the Discovery is a genuinely spacious option.

Discover the Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Driving down a road with mountains in the background

The options for long-distance driver are extensive and these are just a pick of a great bunch. Take a trip to your nearest Swansway Group dealership to explore our full range and pick out the car you really deserve.



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