myAudi Compatability

Whether your Audi is an A1 or an R8, as long as your Audi is newer than mid-2014, the myAudi mobile app will be available to you to integrate the services of Audi connect on your smartphone with your Audi.  

myAudi Cost

myAudi works in conjunction with Audi connect remote & control, available as standard when purchasing a new Audi. By downloading the free myAudi app, owners can connect their Audi with their smartphone.

myAudi Features

After setting up the myAudi app with your car, all the essential features and information about your Audi are there at your fingertips. The myAudi features can help with things like route planning, checking your current fuel levels and locating your nearest car charging point -all of which can help to save you time!

myAudi Navigation

Ahead of a journey, myAudi users can plan their route from their phone and, once in the car, myAudi navigation switches from the smartphone to the in-car entertainment system automatically. What's more, the app can identify free parking spaces at the destination on the multi-media interface and identify local fuel price information.

myAudi Connect Services

  • myAudi is also capable of remote functions, allowing users to monitor their vehicle from their fingertips, no matter how far away they are. Through their myAudi account, users can ensure their vehicle is locked, switch auxiliary heating on and off. As well, checking key indicators such as fuel and oil levels and providing the date of your vehicles next routine maintenance

myAudi Car Finder

  • Wherever you leave your Audi, the myAudi app will be able to locate it in seconds with the myAudi Car Finder function and can guide the way to your car with a map.

myAudi & e-tron 

In the e-tron models, myAudi can offer you even more. From piloted parking to locating thousands of charging points, users can control their charging remotely as well as being able to cool or heat the e-tron cabin ahead of a journey through its preconditioning system. 

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myAudi App Setup

  • First, download the myAudi app. Search for myAudi on either the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android phones and tablets.
  • Register your details through  to create a myAudi account.  
  • When the account is activated, add your car's chassis number (VIN) (found on the V5 registration certificate) to your account. 
  • This will generate an 8 digit PIN on your myAudi account. 
  • Enter your myAudi account details into your vehicle. In the car’s MMI infotainment system, go to Menu then select User. 
  • Click ‘Log in to myAudi’
  • Log in using your myAudi username (your email address) and password. This automatically updates the app itself to contain your car’s details. 
  • If you want to access further remote services (e.g remote locking/unlocking), you need to make yourself a key user. To do this, go to the User area in the MMI system, and select User Management. 
  • Use your 10 digit code on the key tag and enter this in the area below your email address. The key user has now been set successfully.  

 *The above steps apply to all but the Q2, Q5, TT and R8 models, which have slightly different ways of connecting. For further information on how to connect your Audi to the app, see the full guide.

Connecting myAudi to your Vehicle  Read More about myAudi



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