It’s been an exciting time at CUPRA

With a growing line-up of cars showing that this is a brand that is here to stay.

And the latest addition to the CUPRA range is the Born – the firm’s first EV that uses the Volkswagen Group’s well-regarded MEB electric car platform as its base, but aims to inject a little extra sportiness into the mix.

We’ve been running a brand-new CUPRA Born on a daily basis to see how it’s easy to live with…

First impressions

Though the CUPRA Born is clearly closely connected to a Volkswagen ID.3 in terms of its silhouette, the Spanish performance brand has managed to successfully give it a sporty makeover.

Even in our test car’s relatively subtle Geyser Silver colour, the bold copper styling elements give it plenty of presence, while it’s a car that really turns heads out on the road. The aggressive rear diffuser and side skirts also help to give it a particularly aggressive look.

Side view of a grey Cupra born parked on a hill
Close up of infotainment screen in cupra born

Easy, hassle-free interior

Jump into the Born’s interior and at first, it’s a bit like a look into the unknown. There are next to no physical buttons in the cabin and it can seem daunting initially. However, the huge 12-inch touchscreen is very easy to use once you get accustomed to it, while the uncluttered look really is welcome.

There are some fantastic things about the cabin too, such as the super comfortable suede-like bucket seats in the front, while the wireless CarPlay (though not unique to CUPRA) is super easy to use and seamlessly connects your phone without any faff whatsoever.

Brimmed with technology

As someone that’s big into their technology, the Born certainly has left a big impact. It’s absolutely laden in this respect, both in terms of convenience features and also safety tech.

Starting with the fantastic head-up display, which goes a step further than most by using augmented reality that directly points at the lane you need to be in, for example, and also the particular turning you need to turn by working with the satellite navigation. The large 12-inch touchscreen is packed with features as well, while the digitalised steering wheel buttons really help to give the Born a particularly modern feel.

Interior view of the dashboard in a cupra  born 5
Cupra born 2 open boot with a bike placed on a blanket with the rear seat down

Huge fun to drive

Perhaps the thing I’ve been most surprised with by the Born so far is just how enjoyable to drive it is. Though its 201bhp output is quite subdued by EV standards, it feels more than quick enough and is really quickly able to get up to speed, whether you’re setting off from a traffic light or nipping out at a junction.

But it’s not just the acceleration, but the enjoyment and feel. Unlike other EVs, it acts like a proper ‘driver’s car’, with plenty of life to the steering and well-controlled body lean helping to keep it flat through the corners.

Another particular highlight of the Born is the fact you don’t actually have to start or stop the car when getting in and out. Simply put your foot on the accelerator pedal once you’re sat and belted up, and it’s all ready to go. It’s a really futuristic touch and one we very much appreciate.

More practical than you might expect

At 4.32m long, the Born is actually smaller than CUPRA’s Leon hot hatchback. But for a car with relatively small dimensions, we’ve been mightily impressed by just how practical it is.

The bespoke electric car platform is a big part of this, and allows for things such as a completely flat rear footwell, making it comfortable for even middle-seat passengers. The boot, at 385 litres, might not sound all that big on paper, but it’s surprised us by just how practical it is – we’ve even been able to fit a road bike in the boot without having to take any wheels off.

Cupra born in grey parked outside a farm building



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