Watch a Land Rover Defender rescue a car transporter stuck in the snow

A Land Rover Defender was given a prime opportunity to showcase its off-road talents as it rescued a stricken car transporter that had become stuck in the snow. 

In a video shared to Land Rover UK’s Instagram account, the new Defender can be seen coming to the aid of ‘44 tonnes-worth of customer vehicles’. 

The incident took place outside Stafford Land Rover. Having been struck by heavy snowfall, the transporter had made it practically to the site’s front door before getting stuck.

However, staff quickly hooked up the Defender to the transporter with a tow rope, allowing the four-wheel-drive vehicle to pull the HGV up and onwards to its final destination. 

Hitting the showrooms last year, the new Defender brings a new focus on comfort and refinement compared with the previous-generation car. It does, however, retain the original’s off-road ability thanks to a variety of clever four-wheel-drive and traction systems. 

Though initially available with petrol and diesel engine options, the Defender’s powertrain line-up has recently been bolstered with a plug-in hybrid option



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