The Spanish manufacturer have confirmed that production of the Mii will be stopped this year, but this latest move aims to inject life back into the smallest model in the SEAT range.

Many may think that this is an act to just try and invigorate and ailing model in otherwise successful range.

But the truth is, the SEAT team are hoping that this new all-electric Mii can blaze a trail for the rest of the electric and PHEV vehicles they have up their sleeve.

After all, we know that the el-Born (the first all-electric SEAT vehicle based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform) is lurking in the shadows waiting for its moment in the sun. And there promises to be more electric movement past that with plans for the CUPRA brand coming soon too!

All in all then, it looks to be a pretty packed schedule for all those electric boffins over in Barcelona! But a very exciting time for us lot, who get to just sit here and stare in wonder at the next thing to come rolling out of a big manufacturer’s mad laboratory. Like those wide-eyed children on the Werther’s Originals adverts.

But we digress, the new SEAT Mii Electric then, so what can we expect?


Well, in terms of looks, SEAT have decided to err on the side of caution and stay pretty close to the Mii design which we’ll all know.

That quintessential city-car appearance remains untouched, so fans of the old model will be pleased. But, as you would expect, there have been some additional touches/updates to the new greener version.

On the exterior 16” alloys have been added alongside, LED daytime running lights and parking sensors all coming as standard. Whereas inside, a new dash culminating in an all-leather steering wheel, sport seats and new ambient lighting await.


As with most of these dazzling EVs which have been spat out of manufacturers all over the world, there’s usually a suite of killer tech matching the electric engine innovation.

There’s no change in that regard here. SEAT have crammed in a suite of new safety kit, including lane assist, traffic sign recognition and the obligatory parking sensors. Although you may think parking sensors on a Mii may be slight overkill considering you’ve probably seen shoeboxes with bigger designs. But they’re nice to have.

If you’re thinking this tech is great, but it’s all just a bit sensible! Then you’re in luck. Because the Mii electric will be the first model from the brand to feature the new SEAT CONNECT technology.

SEAT CONNECT will allow you to view info like your car’s driving data, charge status and location. Which could come in handy for settling those arguments about whether or not you’re lost.


Utilizing a 36.8kWh battery pack, it should have a range of around 160 miles. Which should be more than enough for those who just want to tootle around the city. But may be problematic for those who want a more expansive drive.

From this 36.8kWh the Mii electric produces 81bhp and will achieve a top speed of 81mph, with a 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds which makes it relatively nippy!

One of the main bug bears of those who shun the EV options that are out there currently is charging times. Well with the Mii, on a fast charge, you can get your tanks back up to 80% from flat in 1 hour.

It’s safe to say that we definitely haven’t seen the last of SEAT’s EV options, never mind the rest of the industry, and the Mii electric looks to be a very accomplished introduction to the game from an experienced manufacturer.

Does it answer all the questions that still hang over the EV uprising as a whole, no, probably not. There’ll still be questions over the mileage range and trepidation from most about that charging time.

But, again, it is another clear jump forward from yet another tried and trusted manufacturer. The Mii electric is a vehicle which is absolutely laser guided at that city car market and anyone in a big city would absolutely feel the benefit.

It could even be perfectly targeted at those who commute into a city everyday too, plus it would save you a small fortune in petrol costs, and think about all the sustenance you’ll get from helping to save the planet.

So you can start all your self-righteous clucking at other motorists who’re not on the EV express. But we admit it can feel good from time-to-time. Why not even take it into work and start telling everyone there that you’ve got an EV and you’re saving the planet. You can even finish the announcement with a “you’re welcome”  

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