Prior to this, we’d only seen the Dark Rebel in virtual form at the unveiling of the new Tavascan SUV.

This latest Cupra could hint towards a future sports car from the brand - but what else do we know about it? Let’s find out.

It’s made from online configurations

The Dark Rebel has been made with some participation from the public. Cupra’s website hosted an online configurator which allowed people to tweak and change certain aspects of the Dark Rebel’s design.

This concept is an amalgamation of all those ideas and draws from the most popular configurations that were generated. That’s why the exterior is finished in an eye-catching mercury-like colour.

The rear uses Cupra’s logo as inspiration

The design of the Dark Rebel is pretty striking and incorporates loads of sharp angles and cuts which makes it really stand out. However, it’s also got some clever touches that you might not initially be aware of.

For instance, the triangular light signature is actually made up of sections of Cupra’s main logo. There’s also a distinctly Formula E-flavour to the rear of the car with a large diffuser section.

CUPRA Dark Rebel

It’s not that long - but it is really wide

In terms of dimensions, the Dark Rebel is about as long as a Porsche 911 - which definitely lies within the ‘normal’ range of sizing. However, it’s also 2.2 metres wide, which is actually wider than a Range Rover.

So of course, though the Dark Rebel won’t be on the public roads any time soon, it would prove to be quite the thing to hustle down a lane - particularly in the UK.

CUPRA Dark Rebel

It shows what we could expect from Cupra in the future

Most concept cars give at least a bit of a clue about the future of what a brand’s models could look like and that’s definitely the case with the Dark Rebel.

Cupra design director Jorge Diez, said: “The Cupra Dark Rebel represents all of the brand’s DNA and values. With wider shoulders, a long bonnet and lower cabin, it is focused on the driver. The Cupra Dark Rebel is designed to enter a new dimension where desire, emotion and pushing without limits are our obsession.”

It’s only got space for two

While most of Cupra’s current range of cars is angled around practicality and spaciousness, the Dark Rebel is a car with more focus on fun. That’s why it’s a dedicated two-seater sports car which looks to provide a more involving driving experience than you might get from some of Cupra’s more ‘everyday’ models.

It’s expected to use a fully electric powertrain, too, and though no details have been given, we’re predicting that it’ll be quite a high-performance setup.

CUPRA Dark Rebel



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