2024 Electric Range Rover

Range Rover Electric

Land Rover's highly anticipated full electric Range Rover is finally set to go into production in 2024. The company has already commenced on-road testing in extreme conditions, showcasing their commitment to maintaining their renowned off-road capabilities. Similar to the latest models from Kia and Hyundai, the full-electric Range Rover will feature an 800-volt architecture for speedy charging.

With an impressive range of nearly 400 miles, this vehicle guarantees a smooth and silent driving experience thanks to its electric powertrain and confirmed active noise cancellation system. Preorders are now available for those eager to get their hands on this groundbreaking SUV.

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Swansway - 2024 Audi - Q6

Audi Q6 e-tron

Also arriving in 2024 is Audi’s newest electric SUV. Positioned in the range between the Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron this innovative vehicle showcases the cutting-edge Premium Platform Electric (PPE), a next-generation EV platform shared with Porsche.

The Audi Q6 will be equipped with an 800-volt architecture and features enhanced electric motors and a 93.0-kWh battery with prismatic lithium-ion cells for increased energy density. The rear motor takes the lead, while the front unit contributes to acceleration and traction, resulting in a remarkable zero-to-60 time of under six seconds.

Excitingly, the prototype boasts headlamp technology capable of projecting both text and videos, which we're eagerly hoping to see in the final production. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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BYD Steering Wheel

BYD Seal U

BYD, a global leader in electric vehicles, is expanding its UK lineup with the introduction of the Seal U in early 2024. The Seal U will be BYD's first SUV for UK customers, offering a larger alternative to the left-hand drive Tang.

The Seal saloon is exclusively electric and features BYD's advanced e-Platform 3.0 technology. On the other hand, the Seal U is a version of an already successful car in China, available as either a plug-in hybrid or pure electric option.

As a midsize SUV in electric form, the Seal U is poised to take on competitors like the Volkswagen ID.4 and Ford Explorer. With two battery sizes to choose from, either 71 kWh or 87 kWh, the Seal U offers an impressive range.

The smaller battery can travel up to 261 miles, while the larger battery extends that range to 311 miles. Both versions are equipped with a powerful 218-bhp electric motor. BYD's Seal U is set to revolutionize the electric SUV market in the UK.

Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen are also releasing a brand-new electric vehicle. Meet the ID.7! First announced in 2023, with first deliveries expected to reach the UK in the first half of 2024, the ID.7 is expected to turn heads.

The ID.7 will be the flagship of Volkswagen’s current electric range, it has been designed with a sleek and modern style in mind with a low profile and sporty look.

The powerful ID.7 will have an impressive combined range of 384 miles and a 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 6.5 seconds!

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KIA EV3 downloaded from Unsplash Hyundai Motor Group

Kia EV3

Introducing Kia's EV3 a practical and fun-to-drive electric compact SUV arriving in 2024. Inspired by the stylish EV9, Kia plans to offer a range of smaller EVs at affordable prices. The EV3's design features a forward-pushed windscreen, robust squared wheel arches, and a floating roof effect with a disconnected C pillar. Inside, environmentally friendly materials will be used, and the versatile rear seat can be folded up to accommodate bulky items like electric scooters and bicycles. Experience the joy of driving an EV with Kia's upcoming EV3.

Peugeot e-3008


PEUGEOT has announced its ambitious plan to have 100% of its sales composed of electric cars by 2030, with the new PEUGEOT e-3008 leading the charge. This stylish SUV not only features an impressive electric powertrain, but also showcases a futuristic design that blends practicality with sleekness.

Exciting highlights of the new PEUGEOT e-3008 include a remarkable EV range of up to 435 miles and a unique interpretation of their popular 'i-Cockpit' interior layout.

Anticipation is building for the arrival of the new PEUGEOT e-3008 in the UK, and it is expected to make its debut in spring 2024. Additionally, PEUGEOT enthusiasts can look forward to a larger model, the e-5008, which may offer seven seats and is likely to arrive later.

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