What is it?

Spawning away from the standard A4, the A5 takes a slightly different approach with a lower, sleeker appearance which takes cues from some of Audi’s other sportier models.

Available with a number of engine choices - and configurable in performance S and RS guises - the A5 is a car which has some of those classic ‘Audi’ premium features alongside some of the firm’s latest technology. Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer.

2023 Audi A5 Coupe driving

What’s new?

You’re able to specify the A5 as a coupe or a five-door ‘Sportback’. Need extra practicality? It’s probably the Sportback model that’ll be the most tempting, but the Coupe still has plenty to offer for people who need space.

It’s also got plenty of high-end materials throughout its make-up, with a typically Audi sense of fit-and-finish translating to a car which feels very well built. On the outside, we’ve got Audi’s latest design language with sleek lights at both front and rear.

What’s under the bonnet?

Whereas the rest of the Audi range is peppered with new, electrified setups, the A5 one follows a more traditional format. This is an executive model, after all, and one which has been designed to make longer slogs on the motorway as hassle-free as possible, so the range of engines reflects this.

Across the board, you’re getting 2.0-litre, four-cylinder units but even in this day and age the diesels still make plenty of sense. The 35 TDI feels the pick of the bunch; with 187bhp it’s got more than enough performance to offer, yet it should be able to return just over 50mpg combined.

2023 Audi A5 Coupe rear view

What’s it like to drive?

The A5 offers the kind of assured driving experience that Audi models have become known for. It’s superb for long-distance driving and eats up the miles, with the diesel-powered models being particularly hushed when travelling at greater speeds.

They can’t match cars like the 4 Series for outright dynamism, but there is some fun to be had in the bends too. The steering has some nice weight to it while the body control is excellent. Cars in S Line trim get a sportier suspension setup, so these feel even sharper through the bends with well-controlled body roll.

How does it look?

The A5 has the sleek, dynamic proportions that you want from a proper coupe. With its heavily raked roofline and long bonnet, it’s a car which will fit into all different situations with ease while Black Edition takes things even more undercover as they replace the standard metal-look accents with gloss black features instead.

As with other Audi models the A5 Coupe has a large front grille but it’s well-proportioned and doesn’t look out of touch with the rest of the car. It’s a well-executed design overall, in our eyes.

2023 Audi A5 Coupe alloy wheels

What’s it like inside?

One of the aspects of the A5 experience which really shines through is how well put together everything is. This is a masterclass in how to make an interior feel solid and reassuring, with no squeaks or rattles appearing. Rear seat legroom is, obviously, a little tight but this is a proper coupe and, as we mentioned, if spaciousness is what you need then you’ve got an option with the Sportback version.

There’s also a healthy amount of boot space on offer, with 450 litres there to play with. It’s nice and easy to access, too, with the load area being quite deep into the body of the car. It’s great for softer bags or even two suitcases.

2023 Audi A5 Coupe interior

What’s the spec like?

Regardless of which specification you opt for, you’re getting plenty of equipment aboard the Audi A5. All versions benefit from a large central screen and Audi’s excellent Virtual Cockpit, which uses configurable displays instead of conventional dials. You can switch between different views and screens and it all gives the car a more futuristic feel.

The infotainment system itself is packed with features, as well as must-have systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. One optional extra we’d invest in is the Bang & Olufsen upgraded sound system - it’s a really great setup and transforms the audio experience inside the A5.


Though the current trend in motoring definitely leans towards SUVs and crossovers, the A5 shows the merit of the classic coupe. This is a car which would take a lot of the backache out of longer journeys while whisking you along in cosseting, premium-feeling comfort.

The engines it is accompanied by are smooth and refined, too, and though we’d like to see a plug-in hybrid option, it’s still a very rounded choice of powertrains.

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