It’s quite a challenging time for car manufacturers right now, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at CUPRA’s sales.

Ever since this sporty brand split from SEAT, its cars have continued to grow in popularity. In fact, in 2022, its UK sales grew by an impressive 14,383 new cars registered, and it’s now bigger than many well-established brands.

But what’s behind CUPRA’s success? Here we look at the reasons to look at a CUPRA.

grey cupra car driving

Stylish design across the range

Style is often the primary reason buyers choose a particular car, and considering how stylish CUPRA’s models are, it’s no surprise the brand is doing well.

All of its models offer a particularly eye-catching design, with great details such as copper-coloured accents and intricate alloy wheels.CUPRA’ s distinctive badge also adds further intrigue to the brand’s models. Most of its cars also feature an LED light bar at the rear, while matte paint finishes available on several of its models help them to stand out further.

Front end of silver cupra

Sporty flair

Before CUPRA split from SEAT, it was always known as this Spanish brand’s sportier performance brand, and that continues to be the case today. 

Though CUPRA does offer some less sporty engines to make its cars more affordable, sportiness remains at the heart, with more powerful engines and powertrains offered across the line-up, with the looks and interior also being focused around performance. 

red cupra car driving

Wide choice of models

CUPRA has also seen its sales grow as a result of its growing line-up of models, which offer something that suits plenty of buyers.

There’s the Leon hatchback to kick things off, with an Estate model also available for those needing more space. The Formentor also arrived as CUPRA’s first bespoke model, with this crossover having particularly sleek styling because of its coupe-like roofline. For those needing more space, there’s the Ateca – a model brilliantly suited to families – while we can’t forget the electric Born.

two cupra cars charging

Plenty of hybrid and electric models offered

We’ve hinted at it already but a key reason to choose CUPRA is for its wide choice of electric and hybrid models. In fact, it’s only the Ateca that’s not sold with some kind of electrified powertrain.

Performance-focused plug-in hybrid powertrains are available on the Leon hatchback and Estate, along with the Formentor too. There’s also the Born for those looking to switch to a full EV, and with this electric hatchback offering a range of up to 343 miles, gives impressive scope for those doing lots of miles.

interior of a CUPRA

Generous equipment levels from the offset

If you like feeling like you’re getting plenty for your money, you’ll likely be impressed by a CUPRA because of just how much equipment the firm includes as standard. 

Regardless of which model and version you go for, you can expect a heated steering wheel, large touchscreen with wireless smartphone mirroring and satellite navigation, as well as a digital dial display. A wide array of driver assistance technology is also included from the offset.



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