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Here at Swansway Volkswagen we offer a variety of ways to service your car. Book your interim or full Service online today or if you're not quite due a service we have engine oil and filter change options for you to select. In addition to this we also offer MOTs and other maintenance work that your car may need for example brake pad changes or cambelt replacement.

Regular servicing can help to keep your car running smoothly as well as flag any potential problems early on, meaning you can hopefully catch any costly problems before they get worse. Making sure you get your car checked regularly will not only keep your car in better condition but help keep you and your passengers safe. No matter what your car needs, we will be here to help and we will be happy to answer any queries about your car servicing. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01270 449171 for Crewe Volkswagen, 0161 3180604 for Oldham Volkswagen or 01978 800557 for Wrexham Volkswagen.

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It is mandatory for customers to wear a face covering upon entering a Swansway Motor Group dealership. In line with Government guidelines, that came into effect on the 30th November, all of our staff in customer facing roles will also be required to wear one.

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Why book your service with Swansway VW?

  • Volkswagen Approved servicing
  • Volkswagen trained technicians
  • Genuine VW parts
  • Spread the cost of your service, interest free.

​Volkswagen Service Promise:

  • Expertly trained technicians
  • We'll price match any like-for-like quote within 5 miles
  • Volkswagen lifetime brakes
  • MOT protection
  • Ad Blue Top Up
  • Car wash & vac

Spread the cost of your service interest free

With our customers in mind, we're pleased to announce our brand new 0% Finance on Swansway Services and repairs. Now, when your service bill comes to anything between £80 - £3,000, you have the option to spread the cost across 6 monthly installments at 0% finance.

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​Buy a service plan!

You can now buy a service plan online, These plans allow you to take advantage of many great benefits such as inflation proof pricing, maintained fuel economy and so much more.

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Volkswagen Major and Minor Services

Minor Service^ from £184

(Every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first)

This includes:

  • Oil & filter change
  • Vehicle inspection and report to include all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, coolant levels, drive belts, braking system, steering, hoses, drive shafts and exhaust system
  • Replace pollen filter (where required)
  • Price includes all parts, oil, labour and VAT
  • Full vehicle road test
  • Diagnostic check including report
  • Re-set service interval display
  • Volkswagen stamp in service book
  • Wash and vac

Major Service^ from £354

(Every 24 months or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first)

This includes:

  • Everything in the minor service
  • Plus suspension checks, spark plugs (petrol engine) or fuel filter (diesel engine), remove wheels and check brakes
  • Check / adjust tension of all drive belts, gearbox and final drive oil levels

Why not get a Volkswagen Service Plans?

Volkswagen Service Promise

  • We only use VW trained technicians
  • We'll match any like-for-like quote within 5 miles
  • Free brake pad replacement whenever they wear out, at no extra cost
  • MOT Protection

  • We promise to offer you the right service at the right time
  • We'll fit your wiper blades and exterior bulbs bought from us at no extra charge
  • A range of convenience services to suit your needs
  • Free visual health checks, with no obligation
  • A Road test with a technician, if required
  • Car wash and vacuum

Areas we cover and why

Why does it need to be done?What happens if it's not done?What do we do?How often does it need to be checked?Benefits of having it done:
Air Conditioning RefreshYour air conditioning system can become full of bacterial and fungal contamination. A refresh treatment disinfects the evaporator and air ducts safely and effectively. Bacterial build-up in the ventilation system not only smells bad, it leads to poor airflow. This means you breathe in bacteria and allergens which could irritate your eyes and nose. Our expert technicians give your air conditioning system an ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment that eliminates microbial, fungal and bacterial contamination. Every 12 months. Removes any bacteria and bad smells from the system, leaving the air clean and fresh.
Air Conditioning ServiceYour air conditioning system can lose up to 10 percent of its gas each year. Unless it's replaced the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed. The system will continue to lose gas, become less efficient and lead to increased fuel consumption. It will eventually fail and need replacement parts. We drain and recharge the system; check hoses, filters, belts and connections; and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly. Volkswagen recommends every 2 years. Keeps you fresh, alert and safer and maintains the mechanical integrity of the system.
Air Filter ReplacementYour air filter stops dirt and dust particles entering the engine. Just like your vacuum cleaner, it needs to be kept clean to work properly. Fresh air is vital for your car's engine to perform well. If the air filter is not replaced when needed it could lead to a drop in performance as the engine tries to 'breathe' through a dirty filter. Your car could then be difficult to start. We remove the old filter; check and clean the housing and hoses; then fit a new filter. Changing it is part of a major service. Optimises engine performance and fuel economy and maintains the mechanical integrity of the engine.
Battery ReplacementA fully charged battery supplies around 12.6 volts. If this falls to 12.0 volts, the state of charge drops from around 100% to around 25%. Conductivity is reduced by low temperatures, so if your battery is not holding its charge your car may not start in cold weather. Sludge builds up in the bottom of the case and can short the cell out. Deep discharges, heat, vibration, over-charging, under-charging or non-use all speed up the ageing process. In the end, if not replaced the battery will fail, and one day your car won't start. We check the battery's ability to hold its charge. We may need to replace the battery if it's not holding a charge, or look at why it's not charging when you drive. At every service. Peace of mind knowing your battery is holding its charge and will start reliably.
Brake Fluid ChangeBrake fluid must withstand operating temperatures of up to 230°C but over time absorbs water which boils at 100°C. As the water boils, it turns to compressible vapour which means you won't be able to brake as efficiently. If too much moisture builds up, the brake fluid can boil while you're braking, seriously affecting performance. It can cause the brakes to fail. A spongy feel to the brake pedal shows you this has started to happen. We check the level and look for leaks. We drain the system and fill it with new brake fluid. We test the system and record it in your service book. At year 3 and every 2 years after that. Peace of mind knowing you'll be able to stop effectively.

Prevents contamination that could lead to a more expensive repair

Brake Pads and discsWhen you brake, the brake discs that rotate with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, slowing the car down. Both discs and pads can become worn and corroded, so it's vital they are checked regularly for your safety. If your brakes aren't maintained regularly you won't be able to brake as efficiently. As well as reduced stopping power, worn or corroded brake parts can make your car vibrate and become really noisy. We measure the brake pad wear level. If the pads or discs are worn, corroded or warped we will let you know so we can arrange to replace them. It is not always necessary to remove the wheels to check the brake pads (pad wear/thickness, disc condition), but where a further detailed inspection is required (or if the wheel does not allow full visibility) the wheel(s) may be removed. At least once a year. Peace of mind, knowing your brakes are in good working order to keep you (and other road users) safe
Bulb replacementBulbs need changing when they become defective. It's important you check all your lights regularly to ensure road safety. You could be stopped by police if your lights and indicators are not working correctly. If a headlight is out, you won't be able to see the road ahead properly. If a brake light is out the person following you may not stop in time. You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penalty or vehicle defect rectification notice. We'll check all your bulbs to ensure they're working correctly, free of charge. We'll tell you if any need replacing and usually we replace them free, as part of our Service Promise. We'll give competitive quotes for other types of bulbs, such as LED or Xenon lights. Replace when faulty. Maintains best possible vision in the dark and poor light conditions such as fog

Increases visibility and signals your driving intentions to other drivers

We promise to fit exterior bulbs (average part price less than £7) bought from us free of charge.

Cambelt changeThe cambelt is one of the hardest working parts in your engine, driving major parts of the engine and keeping everything synchronised. Changing it prevents snaps, cracks and tears which in turn minimises the risk of major engine damage. The belt can go slack, making it snap or jump. This can cause severe damage to the engine. Your car will break down and could be very expensive to repair. We strip down the relevant parts of the engine and renew the cambelt and cambelt tensioner. Then we reassemble the engine and road test your car. 4 - 5 years (4 years for cars registered before September 2009, 5 years thereafter). This may need to be changed sooner for high mileage drivers. Peace of mind knowing excessive wear to your engine and the risk of snapping of the belt have been minimised and that your engine life is prolonged .

2-year parts and labour warranty on Volkswagen parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.
Constant velocity boot replacementThe constant velocity (CV) joint transmits gearbox speed evenly to the wheels. It needs to be well lubricated and protected by the CV boot which surrounds it, keeping lubricating grease in and moisture and dirt out. If the CV boot is worn or damaged, the CV joint will become noisy and less effective. If the boot is damaged, lubricating grease will be lost. Dirt and water will get into the joint and corrode the internal bearings. The CV joint could fall apart, which would make your car dangerous to drive. It's also an MOT test requirement that it is in good condition. We check the CV boot is in good condition. If it needs replacing we access the CV joint and then refit a new CV boot, re-greasing the joint at the same time. At every service and MOT test. You will satisfy an MOT test requirement, keeping you legal and safe

Protect the CV joint from failure, giving you a smoother, quieter drive

We give a 2-year parts and labour warranty on Volkswagen parts fitted after the manufacturer warranty has expired.

Diesel fuel filter replacementYour engine's fuel filter removes dirt, rust, water and other contaminants from the fuel entering the engine. It could become blocked if not serviced. Clean fuel is vital for your car's engine to perform efficiently. Failure to replace the fuel filter when needed could lead to a drop in performance and could mean your car won't start. We remove the filter from the fuel system and replace it with a new one. At the recommended age or mileage limit. Optimised engine performance and fuel economy

Maintains the mechanical integrity of the engine

Included in a major service. Special offer price with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagens 3-10 years old, up to and including 2.0-litre engines.

DSG transmission oil and filter changeThis sophisticated piece of engineering needs regular oil changes. The smooth two-clutch system is computer-controlled with very fine engineering tolerances. If the gearbox oil is dirty it will damage the other parts and affect the performance. Dirty oil can overheat the gearbox or cause the clutches to burn out. This will lead to poor gear selection, loss of power and transmission failure. We check the gearbox for leaks, drain it and replace the oil filter* before filling it with high quality gearbox oil to Volkswagen approved standards.

*Only on applicable vehicles

The oil, every 40,000 miles, the filter may need to be changed as well. Saves on costly gearbox repairs

Improves your car's performance

Keeps your warranty valid for any repairs to parts related to the gearbox

Exhaust replacementExhaust systems degrade over time due to their operating condition and working environment. Water in the exhaust gases, coupled with road water, salt and dirt attack the metal and cause it to corrode, eventually leading to a leaking exhaust. It can lead to excessive noise in the car as well as the possibility of exhaust fumes in the cabin. You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penalty notice or a vehicle defect rectification notice.

We'll check the operation of your exhaust system and ensure it's secured correctly and operating within the required limits. We'll also perform an emissions test during every MOT test.

Every service and MOT test or if it's particularly noisy. Silences engine noise and cuts emissions

Removes combustion by-products from the engine and vents them away from the vehicle

We promise to match any like-for-like written quote for service, maintenance and repair using Volkswagen Genuine Parts? from any garage within 5 miles

Our exhausts are covered by a 2-year parts and labour warranty on parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Four-Wheel AlignmentTo ensure even tyre wear and correct handling of your car. This should be done if you're worried about uneven wear or the effects of an impact you've had (hitting the kerb or a pothole, for example). Your car may pull to one side, the steering wheel may vibrate and you may have to keep adjusting the steering to keep your car travelling straight. We perform an Express Visual Check (EVC) for wear and tear. We then check the tracking, caster, camber and thrust angle of your wheels on our Four Wheel Alignment machine, adjusting anything as required. We then retest your car and road test it before giving you an accurate diagnostic print-out. When necessary. Bumps are more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride

Fuel economy and road handling are improved

Uneven tyre wear is reduced
Four-Wheel Drive Oil ChangeFour-wheel drive oil operates in a tough environment. The multi-plate clutch wears the oil over time and so it needs replacing to maintain efficiency. Clean oil ensures the components in the four-wheel drive system are always in peak operational condition. Four-wheel drive oil works very hard to maintain the lubrication of the multi-plate clutch. If this oil is left unchanged it becomes dirty and worn out, which means it can't lubricate the clutch correctly eventually leading to system failure. We remove the oil from the system and replace it with fresh oil of the correct grade to the correct level. Every 40,000 miles. Improved system response

Correct lubrication of system components

Prolonged component life expectancy

MOT TestIt's the law. The Ministry of Transport requires all vehicles to meet a minimum safety standard. It's illegal to drive your car without a valid MOT test certificate. You can be fined and get points on your licence. Without a regular safety check you could be driving around in a car that's a risk to you and other road users. If you had an accident, your insurance policy for the car could be void. We give your car the care and expertise of a Volkswagen Authorised Repairer for the standard MOT test fee you would pay at any other MOT test centre. If your car needs any further work to pass the test, we'll ask you first. Any parts we use will have a 2-year parts and labour warranty on parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired*.

*Excludes wear and tear items.

Every year, once your car is 3 years old. Peace of mind knowing your car has been checked by a trained technician as safe and legal to drive
Petrol Engine Spark Plug ReplacementSpark plugs operate in an extreme environment of high temperatures and high pressures. Over time they degrade and become less efficient. A powerful electric spark is needed to ignite the mixture of fuel and air in your engine. If a spark plug is used too long it is less able to ignite this mixture, leading to an inefficient engine and lack of performance. This can cause potential engine damage and means you use more fuel. We remove the spark plugs from the engine, inspect them (they can tell us a lot about how your engine's performing) and replace them with new ones. We replace them at every major service. Your Volkswagen will continue to start reliably

Optimised engine performance and fuel economy

ServiceHaving your car serviced regularly will ensure it stays in peak condition, making sure you get optimum performance and endurance from all components Your car's reliability and efficiency may be affected. And without a regular check, problems may go unnoticed, resulting in higher repair costs. Also, you don't get a Volkswagen stamp in your service book, which can affect the price that buyers are willing to pay for your car when you want to sell it. Volkswagen trained technicians, using specialist tools and technology, carry out the recommended service, tailored to your car. We will replace the filters and lubricants specified and road test your car before recording the service in your service book. Most Volkswagens: 10,000 miles/12 months.

Longlife Servicing: when service indicator light is on

You will have a Volkswagen service history recorded with a Volkswagen stamp in your service book

You have peace of mind that your car is in good condition

You can pay for your servicing using a Service Plan

Shock Absorber ReplacementShock absorbers use hydraulic fluid to dampen the rebound of the suspension springs when you drive over a bump or hole. Without them your car would bounce around and be hard to control. A good shock absorber also prolongs the life of other suspension parts and drive systems such as the springs and tyres. If your shock absorbers fail your car will be very unstable and difficult to drive. A worn or leaking shock absorber can affect the safety of your braking and handling. No surprise then that they are a legal requirement and checked in your MOT test. We check for worn and leaking shock absorbers whenever we service your car. If any one isn't working correctly we tell you it should be replaced. At every MOT test and service. Ensures that shock absorbers continue to do their job of absorbing pressure from bumps, making the car comfortable and safe to drive

Reduces stress on other mechanical parts helping them last longer

Prevents wear on the chassis, which can lead to further issues

Maintains your ability to stop safely in a straight line

We give a 2-year parts and labour warranty on Volkswagen parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired

Tyre ReplacementAt the right pressure, the compound rubber and scientifically cut tread patterns add to your car's handling and comfort. Too much wear will affect grip and safety as your car will become harder to handle. Incorrect tyre pressures and/or uneven tyre wear will also increase stopping distances in wet conditions. If your tyre tread is below the legal minimum depth of 1.6mm, your car won't pass an MOT test and you could be fined or get points on your license. But for safety reasons we recommend changing them before the legal limit is reached. We check your tyres for pressure, tread depth and wear of the pattern. If they need replacing we have a range of different options in stock, depending on your car and type of driving. Every MOT test and service; and regularly by driver. Improves grip and stopping time, making driving safer

We have the right tyres for your car with a wide choice of competitively priced tyres to choose from (Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Uniroyal and Mabor).

Wiper Blade ReplacementThe correct size of wiper blade for your windscreen is the only way to keep it clear. Blades are made of rubber, so they wear over time and become less effective. You may not notice they are worn until your visibility is affected. If the wiper blades don't make proper contact with the windscreen, you'll get streaky or unwiped areas, which makes it hard to see the road ahead. It is also part of your MOT test to have your wiper blades in good condition. We check the wiper blades and if they are worn or broken we will let you know before replacing them for you. At every MOT test. Genuine Volkswagen wiper blades are designed for your car and the curve of the windscreen to avoid lifting and/or noise. So you can see clearly even in bad conditions and drive safely

We promise to fit wiper blades (average part price less than £16) bought from us free of charge

* For minor major service- Vehicles 3-15 years only, Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines, e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE and Phaeton.

**Cambelt - Vehicles 3-15 years only, Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines, e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE, Phaeton and Touareg

***Brakes - Vehicles 3-15 years only, Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines , e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE, Phaeton, Touareg and performance models Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirocco R.

^This offer applies to vehicles following a time and distance or fixed service regime only. For more information on your service regime refer to your handbook.