Vehicle Health Check

Whether you drive your vehicle for work or leisure, keeping it in great health should be a priority at all times. A Vehicle Health Check is the perfect way to ensure your car or van receives the attention it needs. 

Bring your vehicle to your local Swansway dealership to receive one of our comprehensive, professional, and affordable Vehicle Health Checks today!

What is a Vehicle Health Check?

Also known as a Visual health Check or Electronic Health Check, a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) is a service that essentially analyses the various components of a car or van to determine the general condition of the individual parts as well as the vehicle as a whole.

Here at Swansway, our manufacturer-trained technicians will give your van or car the once over, covering an array of different components to ensure the vehicle has a clean bill of health. The areas included within the Vehicle Health Check include;

  • Bodywork
  • Brakes
  • Fluid Levels
  • Lights
  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust
  • Suspension
  • Electrical

A VHC isn't like a full MOT. Instead, it uses visual inspections to look for clear signs of damage ranging from significant existing problems to developing issues. The service can be completed on any vehicle model. Swansway's experts can complete the process in just 15-30 minutes and the check is designed to provide owners with a clearer image of the state that their car is in, along with any subsequent steps that may be required.

The Vehicle Health Check Results

When completing the VHC, our technicians will assess each component before using a simple traffic light system to provide full transparency. When looking at your report, each tested part will be accompanied by one of the following colours:

Green- Your vehicle is fighting fit, no need for further work

Amber - We may advise you of potential work to be addressed when you can

Red- Immediate attention is required

Regardless of the results, our technicians will not complete any repairs unless you confirm that this is the route you wish to take. So, it's entirely up to you whether you wish to take our advice or not.

Are Vehicle Health Checks Mandatory?

In a word, no. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore them, especially if your vehicle isn't performing as expected.

The assessments are offered alongside MOTs, servicing, and car repairs but you can decide against them if you decide it's not wanted. Given that you do not have to act upon the results, there is nothing to lose.

As well as the report detailing the findings on each car part, our technicians will deliver a video of the work being carried out so that you can see the attention to detail for yourself. The visual explanations should make it a lot easier to understand all aspects of the VHC.

In situations where amber or red elements are found within the report, your Swansway technician will provide a bullet point list of recommended repairs and upgrades. Many vehicle owners that decide to complete the advised works choose to do it with us for convenience (as well as the fact our technicians are already familiar with the vehicle) but you are free to go elsewhere.

How Much does it Cost to do a Vehicle Health Check?

Perhaps the greatest feature of a Vehicle Health Check is that they are offered completely free of charge!

As a vehicle owner, you deserve to be supported by a clear understanding of the vehicle's health. Cash flow or budget limits shouldn't prevent you from accessing this information. The diagnostics gained through a VHC will naturally put you in a stronger position. After all, knowledge is power and we believe you deserve this information whenever you deem it necessary.

Waiting for an MOT shouldn't be the only opportunity to understand the condition of your vehicle. You can book your VHC even if you're not an existing customer or completing other steps. Whether it's a car or van, Peugeot or Audi, the inspection will not cost you a penny.

Benefits of Getting a Vehicle Health Check

The fact that the Vehicle Health Check is totally free of charge should be more than enough motivation to use it whenever putting your car in for another service. However, there are many additional incentives to contact your local Swansway dealership about arranging a VHC. Here are just some of those compelling reasons:

Increased Safety

Road safety should be your priority behind the wheel at all times, and the VHC may help you stay on top of the situation. The amber issues may not cause an immediate threat to your vehicle’s health, but they could quickly escalate into something worse. Identifying and rectifying them early will help.

Save Money

It's the oldest cliché in the book, but a stitch in time saves nine. Completing a minor upgrade or repair in the short-term future may prevent far more expensive tasks at a later date. Moreover, it will stop you from wasting money on unnecessary jobs borne from misdiagnoses.

Boosted Performance

Your vehicle is an advanced machine that relies on all components to operate properly for a smooth performance. The VHC will identify whether a simple job could increase your comfort and happiness behind the wheel. In turn, you will be set to restore your enjoyment behind the wheel.

Easier Planning

The VHC isn't only designed to help you take quick action if required. It is equally beneficial for predicting future repair work. Whether it's knowing how many miles are left in the tyres or when the cambelt may need changing, the insights gained through this process make a world of difference.

Peace of Mind

Finally, the mere knowledge that your car has been given a once over and received the green light will put your mind at ease. Conversely, if any work is required, you will drive away with a weight lifted from your shoulders once it has been completed. This is arguably the best reward of all.

However, those benefits can only be experienced when you gain the support of a manufacturer-specific technician. Here at Swansway, We guarantee a service that meets the highest standards from start to finish. To schedule your vehicle health check today, use the button below.