Side view of Silver Volkswagen Touareg

​ New Volkswagen Touareg Accessories

Touch up your Touareg with some awesome accessory additions

The new Volkswagen Touareg is a the perfect all-rounder.

In the city it offers superbly imposing premium quality looks, but it doesn't lose any of it's majesty trying to scamper up a muddy slope in the rural areas too!

It's the ideal getaway vehicle, we don't mean from a bank robbery or other crime. We're talking about getting away from it all! But this ability to thrive in any environment does also mean there's a plethora of accessories to help you tailor your Touareg.

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In the City?

To go away you have to be stuck somewhere.

The Touareg can help you make the most of everyday life with it's excellent interior, the commute is a thing of beauty rather than boredom.

But here's some additions to help improve city life for you!

  • Rear Chrome Strip - ​£130
  • Rear Bumper Protection film - ​£99.50
  • Mud Flaps (​Front and Rear) - £145
Close up of Volkswagen Touareg Boot Accessories

Away from it all..

Whilst the Touareg may have the pristine looks of a city dweller, it is perfectly adapted to getting back to nature too. With this range of brilliant VW accessories you can make sure you're as ready as the car is for the adventure.

Rubber Floor Mats - Nature should stay outside, not in the footwell. These robust mats will take care of that

  • Front - £65
  • Rear - £48

Luggage Compartment Tray - Make sure your boot remains spotless and dentless too! - £95

  • Reversible Luggage Compartment Mat - As adaptable as the Touareg itself - £110

Roof Box

Up to 460 litres of extra storage space for your holiday essentials that couldn't make the suitcase

  • 340 litres - £320
  • 460 litres - £420

Load Bars - Throw anything you can't bung in the boot up top! - £275

Bicycle Holder -If you're planning on hitting the trails you can easily transport the steeds - £121

Electrically Swivelling Towbar - Easily swivels to position behind the bumper - £2,125

Detachable Towbar - Enhance your storage options, if the boot, roof box or bars won't do it! - £1160

Compact III Bicycle Carrier - Make it even easier to go from car to trail - £656.50

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