Volkswagen Passat Estate Accessories

Make sure your ready for anything in your Passat Estate

The Passat Estate is a perfect all-rounder for when you need to juggle family life with office life!

But every all-rounder still needs help now and again, which is why our accessories are here to make sure your new Passat Estate is perfect for you.

All you need then, for us to completely fill that whole of usefulness in your life, is a Passat Estate which we can get for you on a great offer.Then start picking the accessories that work best for you! Or if you prefer, you can give our teams in Crewe 01270 864447 , Oldham 0161 3180604 or Wrexham 01978 503518

If you want to see what other VW accessories are out there for you. Then click the below link to download the complete brochure now.

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As with the rest of the wide range of VW products, your Passat Estate can benefit from a plethora of mat choices to help keep your carpet showroom fresh

  • Front rubber floor mats: £60.00
  • Rear rubber floor mats: £43.00
  • Carpet mat set: £58.00

Mud flaps 

Another stable of the VW accessories range are high quality mud flaps which can be the first line of defence in your battle against grimey paintwork

Rear: £74.00

Front: £72.00


Pamper the pooch 

For many, the dog is at the very pinnacle of the household hierarchy. So why not make sure they're riding in style. 

Our reversible boot mat and partition grille mean that his or her royal pooch-ness can chill out in their very own royal chamber, whilst you mere mortals transport them to wherever they wish to frolic that day. 

Plus it also means less regal mess for you (the butler) to clean up. 

If you wanted to take your butler duties one step further and ensure the royal carriage remains scratch free, you could do worse than the bumper protector. The protector fits to your boot sill perfectly and keeps your cars elegant looks intact. which is just as well when it doubles up as the entrance to the royal chamber. 

  • ​Reversible boot mat: £168.00
  • Partition grille: £374.00
  • Bumper protector: £125.00

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Give our teams at either Crewe 01270 864447 , Oldham 0161 3180604 or Wrexham 01978 800557 a call to get your Passat Estate accessories on order now. Or click the link to enquire now!

Enhance my Estate


Don't stay in!

We have a huge range of VW accessories designed to get you out exploring the great outdoors.

The Passat Estate is the perfect motor for getting over to those more remote areas with the family.

But that exploration life would be so much easier with gadgets like this in your arsenal.

Great outdoors tech 

​Flexible loadliner£72.00​
​Kenwood Navigation System (with integrated dash cam)£785.00​
​Kenwood Navigation System (without integrated dash cam)​£599.00
​Volkswagen Discover Sat Nav system ​£779.00
​Compact III bicycle carrier £577.00​
​Bicycle holder​£108.00
​Roof bars £235.00​
​Detachable towbar​£759.00
​Fixed towbar​£654.00


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Prices correct at time of publishing (December 2020)